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Miele Best Vacuum, we do not sell products online

We offer quite a variety of appliance brands at Bekins. Yet, we only offer one brand of vacuum because one brand stands head and shoulders above the rest. Time after time, experts name a Miele the best vacuum around and there has never been a better time to buy one at Bekins.

Many of the vacuums you can test in our showrooms carry a discounted price tag right now.  They are the same models that have helped Miele win more than 60 consumer vacuum tests worldwide since 2005.

If you are looking for variety, Miele offers that too.


Canister Miele Vacuum
Mini-Stick Miele Vacuum

Canister Vacuum

Miele says its canister vacuums offer the widest range of features. You can get a full size canister or a light-weight compact version.

Keep this style in mind if you have a lot of stairs in your home.

The Classic C-1 Olympus floor models cost only $299 while supplies last. It provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy many of the benefits offered by Miele vacuums because you will likely not find it at a lower price.

Mini-Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Miele says this form of vacuum works best for rooms with a lot of furniture. It’s light weight also makes it easy to carry.

You can test the SH-1 in our Grand Haven and Grand Rapids showrooms. When you test it, notice the 1000 Watts of power but how it also offers efficient suction at lower power levels.

Upright Miele Vacuum
Robotic Miele Vacuum

Upright Vacuums

Miele says its upright vacuums work best for heavily used, robust carpeting. Yet, its SwivelNeck technology and slender body let it glide around and underneath most furniture.

Only Miele upright vacuums offer automatic height adjustment technology. The vacuum adjusts to the height of your carpet to offer the best cleaning.

You can find awesome savings on Dynamic U1 Autoeco, Jazz Upright, and Twist Upright vacuums in Grand Rapids and Grand Haven. The offers include floor models and are only valid while supplies last.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Miele says this version works best for everyday use in between regular cleaning. The Scout RX1 offers smart navigation for cleaning difficult to reach areas, including advanced corner cleaning technology.

It can sweep, brush and vacuum with its Triple Cleaning System. The Scout RX1 avoids collisions and falls by recognizing furniture stairs and obstacles.

It does it with an extremely long battery life.  You can find a $399 price tag on our RX1 floor models while supplies last.

Why we don't do online shopping


You would think the best vacuum would also last a long time, right? Customers who buy Miele commonly keep them for decades. Miele aims to keep its vacuums working for 20 years or more.

Whether it has an AirClean filter or a HEPA filter, the vacuum will leave the air in your home cleaner than when you started using it.

Many of the models include a long cord that easily retracts, easy to change settings on the handle, and a way to let you know when the bag is full.


We always talk about our live showrooms. We keep our vacuums plugged in too. Come visit us in Grand Haven or Grand Rapids to see why experts say Miele makes the best vacuum.

Does Your Vacuum Really Suck!?!?

Miele Vacuums

When it comes to most home appliances, ‘sucking’ is not a sought after benefit for its features. However, when it comes to your vacuum, it is usually towards the top of the list. This being the case, Bekins chooses to carry only Miele Vacuums! Miele is a prestigious name in home appliances that is recognized around the globe for the quality and performance of its products. Just 10 states in the US house Miele showrooms, with Bekins being the only one in Michigan!

Two things are needed for a vacuum to clean really well: suction and agitation. Miele Vacuums are the best at combining both! They offer numerous options from a robot vac, to a stick vacuum, to uprights, and canisters. Miele uprights are great for homes with a lot of carpet. Miele canisters are versatile for both carpet and hard flooring since most models come with a carpet head that has a beater bar as well as a hard surface cleaning head. Also offered are models with a wide range of filters from the basic dust filter, to the charcoal filter for pet dander, and even a HEPA filter for all those allergens! Not only is Miele the best overall vacuum, but they also have a 7 year motor warranty!

Putting it to the test

Sharing my personal experience, I originally purchased the Consumer Reports’ “Best Buy” model according to their ratings. I got it home and after some assembly, it seemed to perform well. A few months later, we started carrying Miele Vacuums at Bekins, so I brought an upright home to see how much this Miele really ‘sucked’. I put a new bag in each vacuum and vacuumed all the carpeted areas of my home; a little over 1400 square feet total. First was my CR’s “best buy” vacuum. I got about a half inch worth of ‘stuff’ in the bottom of the bag. Not bad… or so I thought. I then went right back over the same areas with the Miele. WOW! I collected almost a third of a bag full of more ‘stuff’! It was like I hadn’t vacuumed in a year! I was blow away by how much better the Miele did, especially using it right after my original vacuum. This thing really sucked!

Needless to say, I purchased the Miele Upright and have been using it ever since. Having moved since this time, I now have added a Miele Canister Vacuum to my collection, due to my new home having more hard-floor areas along with some carpet. I still have my original upright for my lower level and it’s still going strong. My new Miele Canister works great on all of my surfaces from heavy pile carpet, to tile, vinyl, and even hardwood flooring.

Allergy Sufferer?

Being an allergy sufferer, I also appreciate the Zero emissions that the Miele Vacuums provide. Between the 9-ply bags, the HEPA filter, the dust filter, and the sealed system, it doesn’t blow any particles back into the room once they have been sucked up!

Ready for your test drive?

I would encourage everyone to stop in and test drive a Miele Vacuum. You can even bring your old vacuum in and we can compare it to a new Miele at either of our showrooms. We have plenty of surfaces and even some ‘stuff’ we can clean up for comparison! You are always welcome at Bekins, where our vacuums really ‘suck’.


Clayton Woirol  |  Grand Haven Sales Professional