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Want to save money,reduce your carbon footprint and really clean your clothes? As a breakthrough in home laundry, pureWash has the same desires.

If our employees use this product in their own homes, then you know it works. Read just a few pureWash Pro features and you will most likely want to install it in yours too.

  • The power of oxygen eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and mold.
  • That power keeps detergents and fabric softeners out of your water.
  • Buying fewer detergents and fabric softeners saves you money.
  • Save more money when you reduce your use of the water heater. The product only works with the cold water cycle.



The pureWash Pro website estimates you can install their product in fewer than 20 minutes. The video above shows each step in the process. It starts when you mount the product to the wall, then connect it to the nearest power outlet.

Connect the product to the cold water source in your laundry room and the washing machine. Finally, let it know what kind of machine you have by turning the switch in the back to “top load” or “front load.”

Once installed, you will only need to replace the Dessicant Dryer Cartridge when it stops emitting a blue tint during use. How often you ask? The user manual says it depends on humidity and how often you use the machine.


We work hard to reduce our carbon footprint. In 2016, we recycled more than 90 percent of all waste at our Coopersville Service Center.

So it makes perfect sense to carry such an eco-friendly product for our selection of washers. Some of our employees have installed the product in their own homes, but it also works with washers not bought at Bekins.

Visit our showrooms in Grand Rapids or Grand Haven to learn more about pureWash today.

Giving Back to a Community who Gives so Much

Love INC Team - Bekins Logo

This past week, Bekins had the pleasure of continuing their long relationship with Love INC and helping them get one step closer to opening their newly renovated Women’s Shelter.

Love INC is an organization that helps local churches transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ. Their new Hope House, located at 1615 Despelder St., Grand Haven, is designed to help homeless women with not only a nice place to stay but with the resources to change their lives.

Love INC recently partnered with Bekins to get kitchen and laundry appliances for the Hope House and to help eliminate the delivery and installation costs, Bekins’ staff volunteered their time after business hours.

All together the team installed 2 freestanding refrigerators, 1 upright freezer, 1 electric range, 1 microwave hood, 2 dishwashers, 2 front load laundry pairs, and 2 PureWash systems.

From selection to installation, the Bekins team had a great experience with Love INC and wish them well with the opening of their new Hope House.