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The Wi-Fi Stereo of the Gods

Introducing the McIntosh McAire

Sometimes, in the course of human events, a story about a group of people and what they do is so compelling it needs to be told and retold. Such is the case with with the people who created McIntosh Labs and their incredible new audio product called the McAire. It is a tale that begins in post-WWII suburban Washington D.C. and threads its way through Western New York and Woodstock, all the while touching musical legends like the Beatles and the Grateful Dead.

It is a proud American story of a guy who waited 20 years to go to work there; and of a CEO named Charlie Randall who stubbornly insists on making his hand-crafted electronics here in the United States, long after every competitor moved to Asia.

After sixty-five years, the story keeps creating happy endings, such as the acclaim by music authority Rolling Stone magazine that the McAire was nothing less than the “The Wi-Fi Stereo of the Gods.”

Regrettably, the McAire needs to be heard to be appreciated and so this venue will not do her justice. The good news is that we have them at Bekins – we are the exclusive authorized showroom for McIntosh Labs in West Michigan.