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Feeding Local Children - Bekins Fruit Cups for Hand2Hand

Children have returned to school across West Michigan. Meals will also reappear in the lockers of children who need it. Hand2Hand asked Bekins to collect fruit cups for their backpack program. Our employees delivered a total of 533 fruit cups to help with feeding local children.


As children move up a grade, Hand2Hand Ministries bumps up its support. The ministry works primarily in West Michigan to provide food to school children. Every Friday, a volunteer discreetly places a backpack in a child’s locker full of food for the weekend.

This year they plan to work with:

  • 4500 children who need backpacks filled with food
  • 131 schools who place the backpacks in the lockers
  • 82 churches supply the volunteers and pack the backpacks


“Living paycheck to paycheck is difficult for everyone but when you have children and you are not able to give them something as simple as a snack it is difficult. Hand2Hand helps me to give my children well rounded meals.”

Hand2Hand logo hungry children

our part – a Fruit Cup Collection challenge

We asked our employees to collect fruit cups and offered a reward for the location that would provide the most. Our Coopersville Service Center earned the prize, but everyone wins when we step up to help our community. Here’s how the collections broke down:

Grand Rapids – 56 fruit cups

Grand Haven – 188 fruit cups

Coopersville – 289 fruit cups


Bekins Grand Haven Fruit Cup Collection for Hand2Hand
Employees at our Grand Haven showroom collected 188 fruit cups.
Feeding Local Children - Bekins Fruit Cups for Hand2Hand
Bekins collected 533 total fruit cups to help Hand2Hand feed children across West Michigan. Our Coopersville Service Center collected 289 at their location.


Our employees enjoy helping local children. As we continue to work with Hand2Hand to find more ways to help their mission, click on the pictures below to see some of our other recent collections for their ministry. Click here to learn more about Hand2Hand and how you can help.

Peanut Butter
Bekins Peanut Butter Collection for Hand2Hand
Canned Chicken
Bekins Canned Chicken Collection for Hand2Hand


Companies reusing waste feature image

Bekins and Classic Stereo work hard to recycle waste each day. We also try to set an example for companies reusing waste.

Our community has created many new uses for boxes that used to store big appliances and electronics. Yet, Covenant Life Church in Grand Haven found a new way to think outside the box.  They even thought inside the box a little too.

once a box – now a chariot


UpStreet Children’s Ministries presented its Kids Camp at the end of June. They really sold out for this year’s theme too. They immersed the children in Rome at the time of Paul and the Underground Church.

The camp featured:

  • togas
  • tie dye
  • an ancient Roman marketplace
  • an example of an underground church
  • live actors playing the roles of Paul and a Roman soldier
  • and chariot races


That’s when they worked with Bekins and Classic Stereo. Our Warehouse Manager, Brian, donated boxes for the Kids Camp. Rich used his years of experience and talent to fit the largest boxes through each doorway.

The staff at UpStreet Children’s Ministries cutout a small portion and let their imaginations run wild.

One child sat in a medium sized box, while one, two or more classmates grabbed a plastic band and pull them along the grassy field.

They even tried sitting a few children in the bigger boxes and asking a group of children to pull them the same way.

Click on the video to watch it. You can see how much the children loved it.

it is important to be companies reusing waste

We hope people continue to contact us with new ideas to reuse waste. We take pride in our efforts to recycle, but re-use works even better.

Our employees work hard every day to reduce our carbon footprint. We even built our Coopersville Service Center with recycling in mind. It includes enough storage space, cardboard balers and other machinery for us to recycle over 90 percent of our waste including:

  • cardboard
  • cores
  • plastic ties
  • film
  • styrofoam
  • old appliances
  • and more

It requires extra space and money, but we believe in the cause. Our efforts in 2016 helped save:

  • 2,330 gallons of oil
  • 159,880 gallons of water
  • 162,185 Kilowatt Hours of energy
  • 1,370 pounds of air pollution effluents
  • 85 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 388 trees
Companies that give back recycling report


If you know someone who can re-use any of the items we recycle, then give us a call. Contact our Coopersville Service Center directly at 616-288-1020.

Companies that give back recycle photo 2
Companies that give back recycle photo


Best Appliances People's Choice 2017

Our company has been named the best in many categories over the years, but the honor is a little more special when our customers in the community place the vote.  We are proud to announce that our community once again voted Bekins the Grand Haven Tribune People’s Choice award winner for Best Appliances.


thank you everyone for voting

The Tribune collected a total of 132, 784 votes from 3,414 people this year.  Bekins not only took first place in the Best Appliance category, our community voted overwhelmingly in favor of us.  We earned 495 votes.  Second place earned 286 votes.

what makes us the best?

Harvey Bekins started this company more than 40 years ago as an appliance repair service out of his home in Grand Haven, so we have always been a service company at heart.  We take the time to understand things from the inside out, from washing machine units to the newest distributed audio technology. As a result, there isn’t much we can’t do when it comes to home appliances and electronics.

Bekins Service Best, Full-Service Company

Whether you’re looking for a great deal on a new dishwasher, or need to enlist our CEDIA certified technicians to custom design your basement home theater system, we can help. Whatever you need, we have the service, expertise and equipment to get the job done right – and at a great value.

We know appliances and electronics, but we also know how important it is to treat our customers and their homes with the utmost respect professionalism.

thank you again for your votes and continued support of bekins in the community!

Giving Back to a Community who Gives so Much

Love INC Team - Bekins Logo

This past week, Bekins had the pleasure of continuing their long relationship with Love INC and helping them get one step closer to opening their newly renovated Women’s Shelter.

Love INC is an organization that helps local churches transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ. Their new Hope House, located at 1615 Despelder St., Grand Haven, is designed to help homeless women with not only a nice place to stay but with the resources to change their lives.

Love INC recently partnered with Bekins to get kitchen and laundry appliances for the Hope House and to help eliminate the delivery and installation costs, Bekins’ staff volunteered their time after business hours.

All together the team installed 2 freestanding refrigerators, 1 upright freezer, 1 electric range, 1 microwave hood, 2 dishwashers, 2 front load laundry pairs, and 2 PureWash systems.

From selection to installation, the Bekins team had a great experience with Love INC and wish them well with the opening of their new Hope House.







Harvey Bekins Retirement Open House

We want to thank everyone who came to Harvey’s Retirement Open House this last Monday. Over 140 people came in to say hello to Harvey, and we had 50 entries to the “Find Harvey!” Wolf countertop oven drawing. Suffice to say that Harvey was immensely honored by the community’s outpouring of support, and the rest of the team here at Bekins was as well.

Happy retirement, Harvey – we miss you already, and thank you for building a company of excellence!

2015-07-20 17.27.46

Harvey draws the winning entry, freshly tumbled, from a Maytag dryer.

2015-07-20 12.10.54-1

Old friends enjoy cinnamon rolls from Russ’, and smoothies made fresh in the Bekins kitchen.

2015-07-20 13.18.08-1

Harvey catches up with old friends.

2015-07-20 16.08.34-1

Barb, Scott, and Harvey Bekins celebrate a successful 40 years in business together!

We also want to congratulate Chris Mergener, a Grand Haven native, for winning the Find Harvey contest and a Wolf Countertop Oven.

So, how did Chris spot Harvey among a sea of faces from 1986?

Chris first met Harvey in 1983, when she called him to come repair her avocado green refrigerator. Harvey came out to look at the fridge, “tweaked something”, Chris said, and got it up and running again. He didn’t end up charging her for the visit, for a reason that’s been long since forgotten by both Harvey and Chris. “I vowed right there and then that I’d give him all my business for the rest of my life!” said Chris, who was busy working a full time job and raising young children at the time. “I didn’t have a lot of time or money, and that visit just meant the world to me.”

Harvey visited the Mergener household once or twice more over the years, but Chris’s appliances didn’t give her too many additional problems. In the 90s, Chris came back to Bekins for a new Maytag washer/dryer set.

Today, Chris has adopted her two grandchildren and is back to being busy with a full time job and young children to raise. The Mergener’s microwave, which was on its last legs, finally gave up a few weeks back. “Being so busy with the kids and everything, I’ve really missed having an appliance that makes meals quicker and faster. I need all the help I can get! But I wasn’t sure about getting another microwave, and I just didn’t know what I was going to do. So when Tracy called and told me that I’d won the toaster oven, I just couldn’t believe it. It was such perfect timing, this is exactly what I needed, when I needed it!”

Chris said that she almost didn’t bother entering the drawing, because she never wins contests.

We’re glad you entered, Chris. Hope you enjoy the new Wolf Countertop Oven!

2015-07-21 13.15.18

Chris Mergener poses with her new Wolf countertop oven.