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Bekins Breaks Ground On Coopersville Expansion

Growing Business: Breaking Ground on Warehouse Expansion


If you drive by Coopersville along the I-96 expressway, you will see construction vehicles at the Bekins Service Center and Warehouse on O’Malley Drive. Bekins has broken ground on a new addition which will nearly double the warehouse and office space, creating space for more jobs at our growing business.

Our locally-owned, internationally-acclaimed appliance and electronics company in West Michigan has already outgrown the three-year-old building in Coopersville.

Bekins President, Scott Bekins, opened the Coopersville Service Center and Warehouse in 2015 to accommodate the company’s growth at the time. With state-of-the-art, interactive showrooms in Grand Haven and Grand Rapids, he planned for the warehouse and office space in Coopersville to accommodate at least 10 more years of company growth. However, Bekins has grown faster than even he expected.

Bekins, which also owns Classic Stereo in Grand Rapids, has nearly tripled its staff since 2010. When the additional 30,000 square feet of warehouse and office space is complete, it will give us the space to double our staff.

Growing Business: Breaking Ground on Warehouse Expansion


The addition includes changes to make operation even more efficient, which enables us to deliver the best service while keeping costs competitive.

Added space will also help Bekins continue to be one of the greenest appliance dealers in the nation. We recycle more than 90 percent of all waste in their facility, which includes:

  • old appliances
  • cardboard
  • plastic
  • styrofoam
  • banding
  • and much more…

Our recycling efforts saved more than 1,286 trees, 7,567 gallons of oil and 280 cubic yards of landfill space in just the last three years.

Recycling at Bekins making a big impact
Bekins Coopersville Warehouse


The addition will help us serve more of the top-notch products and services that have earned us 20 national and international honors during our 43 years of serving West Michigan.

“We always have been and always will be a service company that happens to sell products,” Bekins said. “People can buy what we sell elsewhere, but you can’t get our service anywhere else. That’s why we continue to grow – better service, same price. We can only do that by being smarter and more efficient. The operations center in Coopersville and our amazing people allow us to do just that.”



Bekins Recycling Efforts - Green company

For many of us at Bekins, it’s just a simple walk to throw one piece of cardboard into the recycling bin. Multiply that by 100 employees, the hundreds of days we work each year, plus the thousands of appliances and electronics we install, then it adds up to quite a large effect on our environment.

We recycle more than cardboard. We also recycle styrofoam, plastic ties, old appliances and much more.

Padnos in Holland keeps track of all that we recycle each year, and lets us know what effect it has on the environment. We store most of our recycling at the Bekins Service Center in Coopersville. It has been open for almost three years now and the impact of our recycling during that time has been astounding.

recycling at the bekins service center

Since opening our Coopersville Service Center and Warehouse in 2015, our commitment to recycle has helped save:

  • 530,892 KWH of energy
  • 7,567 gallons of oil
  • 3,175 pallets
  • 610 reusable appliances
  • 529,550 gallons of water
  • 4,538 pounds of air pollution effluents
  • 1,286 trees
  • 280 cubic yards of landfill space


Companies that give back recycle photo 2
Companies that give back recycle photo

bekins recycling in 2017 alone

Our recycling numbers for just 2017 were impressive too. We break it down in the graphic below.

Bekins 2017 Recycling Report

how we do it

Our efforts to recycle does not save us money. It takes time, effort and space. However, we do it to reduce our carbon footprint. You will have a difficult time finding a greener appliance and electronics dealer in the nation.


Not only do we work with companies that recycle materials and reusable appliances, we also donate boxes to people around West Michigan.

Here are just a few examples, but you can also find more on our Facebook page.

CAPS Recycle Fire Truck 2


Feeding Local Children - Bekins Fruit Cups for Hand2Hand

Children have returned to school across West Michigan. Meals will also reappear in the lockers of children who need it. Hand2Hand asked Bekins to collect fruit cups for their backpack program. Our employees delivered a total of 533 fruit cups to help with feeding local children.


As children move up a grade, Hand2Hand Ministries bumps up its support. The ministry works primarily in West Michigan to provide food to school children. Every Friday, a volunteer discreetly places a backpack in a child’s locker full of food for the weekend.

This year they plan to work with:

  • 4500 children who need backpacks filled with food
  • 131 schools who place the backpacks in the lockers
  • 82 churches supply the volunteers and pack the backpacks


“Living paycheck to paycheck is difficult for everyone but when you have children and you are not able to give them something as simple as a snack it is difficult. Hand2Hand helps me to give my children well rounded meals.”

Hand2Hand logo hungry children

our part – a Fruit Cup Collection challenge

We asked our employees to collect fruit cups and offered a reward for the location that would provide the most. Our Coopersville Service Center earned the prize, but everyone wins when we step up to help our community. Here’s how the collections broke down:

Grand Rapids – 56 fruit cups

Grand Haven – 188 fruit cups

Coopersville – 289 fruit cups


Bekins Grand Haven Fruit Cup Collection for Hand2Hand
Employees at our Grand Haven showroom collected 188 fruit cups.
Feeding Local Children - Bekins Fruit Cups for Hand2Hand
Bekins collected 533 total fruit cups to help Hand2Hand feed children across West Michigan. Our Coopersville Service Center collected 289 at their location.


Our employees enjoy helping local children. As we continue to work with Hand2Hand to find more ways to help their mission, click on the pictures below to see some of our other recent collections for their ministry. Click here to learn more about Hand2Hand and how you can help.

Peanut Butter
Bekins Peanut Butter Collection for Hand2Hand
Canned Chicken
Bekins Canned Chicken Collection for Hand2Hand


Companies that give back Feature Image

As companies that give back to our community, we jumped at a recent chance to help a local Vacation Bible School.

Our Warehouse Manager donated items to the Coopersville Reformed Church. We would merely recycle these items. Instead, staff at their Vacation Bible School turned cardboard boxes into structures for play.


The Vacation Bible School at Coopersville Reformed Church offers a week of fun for children as young as four years old. The oldest students in the program, the fifth graders, co-lead the group in learning to follow Jesus and shine HIS light through the community.

More than 130 students showed up for the first day today, and the school runs through Friday morning. Items donated by Bekins and Classic Stereo line many of the hallways and rooms at the school.

“It’s amazing to be able to have (Bekins and Classic Stereo’s) help,” Bible Adventure Leader Samantha Krepel said. “We are so excited to have the recyclables.”

The church recently remodeled a portion of the school, so the cardboard structures allow the children to play games along the wall without touching the the renovations.

continuing to be companies that give back

This isn’t the first time we have donated boxes for a local school and we hope people continue to contact us. We take pride in our efforts to recycle, but re-use works even better.

Our employees work hard every day to reduce our carbon footprint. We even built our Coopersville Service Center with recycling in mind. It includes enough storage space, cardboard balers and other machinery for us to recycle over 90 percent of our waste including:

  • cardboard
  • cores
  • plastic ties
  • film
  • styrofoam
  • old appliances
  • and more

It requires extra space and money, but we believe in the cause. Our efforts in 2016 helped save:

  • 2,330 gallons of oil
  • 159,880 gallons of water
  • 162,185 Kilowatt Hours of energy
  • 1,370 pounds of air pollution effluents
  • 85 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 388 trees.
Companies that give back recycling report


If you know someone who can re-use any of the items we recycle, then give us a call. Contact our Coopersville Service Center directly at 616-288-1020.

Companies that give back recycle photo 2
Companies that give back recycle photo


CAPS Recycle Fire Truck 2

We often recycle material by shipping it to a recycling plant.  It is certainly a great way to help save the environment.  However, Bekins recently found a way to reuse some material and help local school children at the same time.


Brian, our Coopersville Warehouse Coordinator, recently delivered some big boxes to the Coopersville Area Public Schools.   The boxes once protected some of our biggest appliances, now they are nurturing the imagination of local preschool children.  Members of the school used their art skills to transform the boxes into large fire trucks that now reside in Alex Marin’s West Elementary Preschool classroom.

CAPS Recycle Pic 1

“It is really cool, the kids love it,” Marin said.  “It gets used every single day and the children are thrilled about it.”

Marin also said that the Preschool staff is “extremely grateful” that Bekins not only donated the boxes, but also delivered them to the school.

We are happy to see a carboard box, that would have normally been crushed in a baler and sent off to a recycling plant, be reused in such a helpful way right here in our West Michigan community.

WE RecyclE each day as michigan’s greenest appliance dealer

We work hard every day to reduce our carbon footprint at Bekins. Our Coopersville Operations Center was built to house the storage space, cardboard balers and other machinery necessary for us to recycle over 90 percent of all waste that goes through our facility! That includes cardboard, cores, plastic ties, film, styrofoam and even old appliances.

It requires an extensive amount of space and money, but it is completely worth it when we are able to make such a large impact on the environment.  Our efforts have helped save 2,330 gallons of oil; 159,880 gallons of water; 162,185 Kilowatt Hours of energy; 1,370 pounds of air pollution effluents; 85 cubic yards of landfill space and 388 trees.

Look below to see a complete breakdown of how much our Coopersville Operations Center recycles in one year and how it helps our planet.