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Why I chose an induction range

My KitchenAid Induction Range at home

An entire suite of appliances usually starts with one choice. When my family decided to get a new suite of kitchen appliances, I knew I wanted an induction range.

Why? I was thinking about the safety of my toddler at home.


I chose a slide-in range with a convection oven and an induction cooktop. Induction uses electromagnetic energy to generate instant heat directly to your cookware without spreading the heat across the entire cooking surface.

If you have never experienced induction cooking, you can learn more about it by clicking here.

When I bought my home, it came with a gas range. My family had to hire an electrician to give us the correct electrical outlet in order to make the change to our new range.

Wolf induction cooking at Bekins


  • My son can’t turn on a gas burner anymore, reach over the top of the range and risk burning himself (believe me he tried once).
  • I can also control lock both the oven and cooktop elements on my slide-in range. So my toddler cannot easily turn them on.
  • Finally, the heating element on top doesn’t stay very hot for very long.

don’t get me wrong, it’s not fool proof

While I enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above, I still take precautions when cooking around my toddler at home.

  • I try to use the back heating elements on the cooktop because the pan I’m cooking can still get too hot to touch.
  • I can’t use the control lock when the cooktop or oven are cooking, so I still need to keep my son away from anything hot when it’s on.

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Short On Space? Small Kitchen Appliances At Bekins

Bosch Small Kitchen Appliances

If you want small kitchen appliances, you can still shop quality brands.

Many brands offer refrigerators, ovens, ranges and laundry options for a small space.

common small kitchens

You may live in a high-rise residence or use a cabin in the summer. Some people just want a second kitchen closer to the backyard, pool or home entertainment area.

Whatever the reason, you don’t need to shop with a lower-quality brand to fit the space. We offer one example, a suite of Bosch small kitchen appliances that provide great quality.

Small Kitchen APPLIANCES

REFRIGERATOR: Bosch offers 24-inch free-standing refrigerators with a bottom-mount freezer. You can even get a custom-panel version and seamlessly integrate with the rest of your kitchen cabinetry.

DISHWASHER: It can go as thin as 18-inches wide. It can still be one of the quietest dishwashers around and a third rack can truly maximize the space.

SINGLE WALL OVEN: A 24-inch single wall oven with Bosch still gives you Genuine European Convection for even baking results on multiple racks.

ELECTRIC COOKTOP: A 24-inch electric cooktop with a ceramic glass surface makes cooking and cleaning easy.

HOOD: You can get a 24-inch hood, that can also pull out when needed to cover more space.

WASHERS & DRYERS: Bosch washers and electric dryers are 24 inches wide as well. They can be paired side-by-side or stacked to save space.


Washers & Dryers at Bekins Energy Star

SideOpening Door Offers Easy Access To Your Oven

Test SideOpening Ovens at Bekins

The SideOpening door from Bosch solves a problem that may have never crossed your mind.

One of the benefits of a wall oven can be its height. While you have to bend over to get food in and out of a range, you can install a wall oven at a more ideal height.

However, reaching over and around the hot oven door can become a challenge for some people.


A very simple concept can really make cooking much more convenient. A SideOpening door allows you to swing the door open to the side and get closer to your food.

The door can swing open to the left or the right depending on the design of your kitchen.

The design allows you to stand closer to your food and hopefully have to contort your body less.

We have heard very high praise for this concept from some of our shorter customers.

Built-in Bosch appliances in East Grand Rapids

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Appliance Tips: Clean Your Outdoor Dryer Vent Today

Clean Your Outdoor Dryer Vent

We always say we want you to be thrilled with your appliance purchase.

While we run more than 10,000 service calls each year and are happy to help, we know you would be much happier if your appliance never needed maintenance.

We want your appliance to last a long time as well. Here is a simple tip to help.

Appliance Tip:

Clean Your Outdoor Dryer Vent

Check out your outdoor dryer vent. Remove any buildup that might prevent your dryer from airing out its exhaust. You also want to make sure your flaps can fully close when needed as well.

  1. The vent is there for a reason, you certainly don’t want anything from the exhaust to re-enter the home.
  2. If the flaps do not close, cold air can flow into the dryer and prevent your dryer from heating properly.
  3. Your clothes dry quicker when air can flow freely.

We recommend you clear out any debris and lint from your outdoor dryer vent at least once every six months.

Do it today as one small way to help your dryer perform better and last longer.

More appliance tips

Keeping your washing machine clean

Fingerprint resistant stainless steel

Test fingerprint resistant stainless steel at Bekins

Do you like to make cleaning as easy as possible?  We recommend you test fingerprint resistant stainless steel appliances at Bekins.


The fingerprint resistant coating on select Maytag, Whirlpool and KitchenAid appliances makes smudging more difficult on your stainless steel.

It also makes it much easier to clean any smudges that do appear. Maytag recommends a wet rag but sometimes just a microfiber cloth will work. The manufacturers recommend avoiding any cleaners with alcohol in them, such as window cleaner since the alcohol can damage the coating.

Customers seem to appreciate the protection on their refrigerator the most, but you can also get a full suite of fingerprint resistant appliances as well.

Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel makes cleaning easier.

TEST stainless steel finishes AT BEKINS

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