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About Sonance

In 1983, Sonance co-founders Geoff Spencer and Scott Struthers had an idea. They took high fidelity box speakers and created a way to conceal them in a wall. This made the speakers less obtrusive and much more aesthetically pleasing, without sacrificing sonic quality….and thus, the in-wall speaker was born.

Since that time, Sonance has been on the leading edge of Architectural Audio. From in-wall and in-ceiling home theater systems to whole home and distributed audio, Sonance is leading the way with new technologies and innovations.

Sonance products we carry

  • distributed audio
  • speakers
  • amplifiers
  • sources

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Sonance & Bekins

We believe it’s our job to be top to bottom experts on every brand and speaker we sell.

At Bekins, we choose only the most reliable, durable audio brands to be in our showrooms, which includes Sonance. We offer customers “best in class” audio equipment which is an investment for their home.

Ready to see what Sonance can do for your home? Contact one of our CEDIA and HTA Certified Professionals today!