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About Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe is a well loved brand among grillmasters who prefer the long slow heat of ceramic cookers over to the hot gas flame. Their premium ceramic grills follow the ancient kamado cooker style, which uses thick ceramic material and charcoal heat to act as an all-in one grill, oven and smoker.

Kamado Joe Grill
Kamado Joe Grill

Kamado Joe & Bekins

When you buy a quality car, the dealer you bought it from agrees to service it with expert care for its lifetime. At Bekins, we believe in the same principle: you should service what you sell.

At Bekins, we choose only the most reliable, durable grill and cooker brands to be in our showrooms, which includes Kamado Joe. We offer customers “best in class” products which are an investment for their home, then we work to make sure it’s expertly maintained so it can perform as efficiently and for as many years as its owners expect it to – and sometimes even longer.

Ready to see what a kamado-style grill can do for your home? Test drive a Kamado Joe, and experience their superior design in our Grand Haven or Grand Rapids showrooms today.