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Custom Audio: Soundbars To Blend In With Your TV

Custom Audio: Soundbars

While some people love to show off their TV and speakers, others prefer they blend in. We strongly believe in the benefits of a soundbar for your TV, and some of our custom audio options allow you to seamlessly integrate it.

We work with manufacturers who offer custom soundbars which allow the speaker to sit flush against the edge of the TV. Most people prefer the soundbar to sit flush on the bottom and match the exact color and length of the TV. However, you can also get left and right sound to sit flush on the sides while matching the exact color and height of the TV. You can even do left, right and center sound around the TV with the color and length matching perfectly.

The customization gives your wall mounted TV an even cleaner look while enhancing your sound experience.

For best results, we recommend you get it installed by our internationally-acclaimed electronics installers.

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Custom Audio Soundbar
Custom Soundbar
Custom audio at Bekins
Custom left and right audio.
Custom audio by Bekins
Custom left , right and center audio.

More Custom Audio Examples

SideOpening Door Offers Easy Access To Your Oven

Test SideOpening Ovens at Bekins

The SideOpening door from Bosch solves a problem that may have never crossed your mind.

One of the benefits of a wall oven can be its height. While you have to bend over to get food in and out of a range, you can install a wall oven at a more ideal height.

However, reaching over and around the hot oven door can become a challenge for some people.


A very simple concept can really make cooking much more convenient. A SideOpening door allows you to swing the door open to the side and get closer to your food.

The door can swing open to the left or the right depending on the design of your kitchen.

The design allows you to stand closer to your food and hopefully have to contort your body less.

We have heard very high praise for this concept from some of our shorter customers.

Built-in Bosch appliances in East Grand Rapids

test IT at bekins

Induction Cooktop Showroom Photo for Blog

A Bigger, Better Bekins Is Coming

Bekins Warehouse and Service Center Expansion

We are busy at Bekins installing appliances and electronics across West Michigan as people get ready to move into their new homes. In addition, we are doing a little remodeling of our own.

Grand Rapids

With Classic Stereo now closed, we have demolished the showroom space to make room for more appliances in our Bekins Grand Rapids showroom.

Bekins Grand Rapids Showroom expansion

Grand haven

In Grand Haven, we are remodeling our speaker room. We are looking to give customers more ideas and inspiration for enjoying electronics in their home. We have finished demolishing the old setup, and we have started remodeling the space.

Bekins Grand Haven Showroom Remodel

coopersville warehouse and service center

Finally, phase one of our expansion in Coopersville is complete. We doubled our warehouse space and added more loading docks. These additions will not only help us serve more customers as we continue to grow, but also serve everyone more efficiently.

Bekins Warehouse and Service Center Before Expansion
Bekins Warehouse and Service Center Expansion
Bekins Warehouse and Service Center before expansion
Bekins Warehouse and Service Center expansion
Bekins Warehouse and Service Center before expansion
Bekins Warehouse and Service Center expansion

Phase two of our expansion in the Warehouse and Service Center will involve interior remodeling to create more office space for employees.

The New Standard In Whole-Home Audio; Bowers & Wilkins Formation

Whole Home Audio Formation Suite - Bowers and Wilkins

Starting today, you can get wireless speakers from the same audio company the pros use. Bowers & Wilkins announced a new Formation suite of audio products which it calls “the new standard in whole-home audio.” It is quick and easy to set up through the Bowers & Wilkins Home app.

Formation Whole-Home Audio

Formation Duo

The first wireless speakers for streaming that live up to the exacting “wired” audiophile standards of Bowers & Wilkins.

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Duo at Bekins

Formation bar

Includes 9 optimally positioned loudspeaker drive units. Creates a bigger stereo image, for more spacious room-filling sound.

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Bar at Bekins

Formation bass

Opposed Dual Driver Technology minimizes distortion.  Dynamic EQ optimizes performance in real time, allowing Formation Bass to perform like a much larger

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Bass at Bekins

Formation wedge

Its 120-degree elliptical shape perfectly angles a full range of components for room filling, stereo sound.

Aluminum Double Dome Tweeter technology ensures the highest quality high end for a fully expressive soundstage.

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge at Bekins

Formation audio

Analog-to-digital conversion enables high-quality, wireless streaming from legacy equipment to wireless Formation speakers.

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Audio at Bekins

see it & hear it in our Grand Rapids showroom

Bekins Employees Support Walk For Good Food

Bekins employees support Walk For Good Food

We hire people who love to Be Kind, even outside of our normal work hours. For example, some of our employees joined their family and friends for a good cause in Grand Rapids last weekend.

They participated in the Walk For Good Food. The goal of the walk is to fund 14 non-profit organizations that address issues of food access and poverty.

Click here to learn more about the walk and how you can still donate.