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Using FanFresh and Wrinkle Shield Options

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Let’s be honest, how many of us take out our laundry as soon as the load is finished? While we should, many of us don’t. Select Whirlpool and Maytag laundry machines help keep clothes fresh for up to 16 hours with options like FanFresh and Wrinkle Shield.


A variety of brands can tumble your clothes in the washer after it’s done with a load. However, Maytag and Whirlpool’s FanFresh option adds an integrated fan. The fan circulates air through the washer to reduce humidity.

what is wrinkle shield?

The WRINKLE SHIELD™ feature periodically tumbles, rearranges, and fluffs the load to help keep wrinkles from forming.  You may select the “With Steam” setting to add a short steam cycle to help smooth out wrinkles as well.

While Whirlpool and Maytag offer a WRINKLE SHIELD™ option, a variety of brands offer wrinkle prevention options by other names.


Whirlpool Laundry with FanFresh option at Bekins

Third Rack Dishwashers At Bekins

Test a third rack dishwasher and more at Bekins

Who doesn’t want more space in their dishwasher? If you are in the market for a new one, think about testing a third rack dishwasher at Bekins.


Many new dishwashers offer a third rack now. Most dishwashers typically offer a small flat space for your silverware and cooking utensils. By eliminating the silverware basket, you get more space to store large items. However, some offer a third rack big enough to fit some bowls and small items.

If you have never seen one before, manufacturers typically build the third rack at the top or middle of the dishwasher.

Bosch MyWay Dishwasher


Do you know one of the biggest advantages to shopping at Bekins? You can test a variety of third rack dishwashers in our state-of-the-art, interactive showroom.

Test a third rack dishwasher at Bekins

A Bigger, Better Bekins Is Coming!

Remodeling The Showroom At Bekins

Not only can you interact with appliances in our showroom, we give you design ideas for your kitchen. We are proudly updating a few of our kitchens in the Grand Haven showroom, and we think the flooring looks great in our Grand Rapids addition. Thank you to everyone who have helped with these projects. We can’t wait to show you the latest appliances and some updated kitchen designs!

Hundreds Visit Our First Ever, Huge One-Day Warehouse Sale

Bekins First Ever, Huge One-Day Warehouse Sale

Thank you to everyone who visited our First Ever, Huge One-Day Warehouse Sale Saturday. Hundreds of customers took advantage of low prices on appliances and electronics. They also found great deals on tools, building supplies and furniture left over from our recent remodeling efforts.

If you did not get to visit our Warehouse and Service Center for the sale, you can still get great deals at Bekins. We always have sales and Closeout Deals on hundreds of products every day.

Bekins In The Grand Rapids Fall Parade Of Homes

furnished-by-bekins Grand Rapids Parade of Homes

The Parade of Homes offers a wonderful opportunity to find inspiration for your next home. This year’s Grand Rapids Fall Parade will feature appliances and electronics from Bekins.

The Parade of Homes starts Friday September 27 and runs through October 12. Homes open to the public each Wednesday (5pm-8pm), Friday and Saturday (1pm-8pm). To learn more about the Parade click here.

homes featuring bekins

366 Gracewood Drive SE
East Grand Rapids, MI

Engelsma Homes

3041 West Locust Ln.
Ada, MI

Bruce Heys Builders

17373 North Shore Estates Rd.
Spring Lake, MI

Ashby Custom Homes LLC

276 Honey Creek Ave NE
Ada, MI

Epique Homes, Inc.