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Bekins In The Grand Rapids Fall Parade Of Homes

furnished-by-bekins Grand Rapids Parade of Homes

The Parade of Homes offers a wonderful opportunity to find inspiration for your next home. This year’s Grand Rapids Fall Parade will feature appliances and electronics from Bekins.

The Parade of Homes starts Friday September 27 and runs through October 12. Homes open to the public each Wednesday (5pm-8pm), Friday and Saturday (1pm-8pm). To learn more about the Parade click here.

homes featuring bekins

366 Gracewood Drive SE
East Grand Rapids, MI

Engelsma Homes

3041 West Locust Ln.
Ada, MI

Bruce Heys Builders

17373 North Shore Estates Rd.
Spring Lake, MI

Ashby Custom Homes LLC

276 Honey Creek Ave NE
Ada, MI

Epique Homes, Inc.

Custom-panel appliances at Bekins

Custom-panel Jenn-Air appliances EGR, custom-panel appliances

A popular option in the kitchen lately has been using custom-panel appliances. The custom-panel option lets you attach a panel to certain appliances that match the cabinetry in your kitchen.


It lets your built-in refrigerator and dishwasher integrate seamlessly into your kitchen design. If you want to use the custom-panel option, you need to notify your cabinet company. Our experts can give them the specifications they need to make the extra panels to match your cabinetry.

You cannot choose the custom-panel option for a range, cooktop, oven or a coffee machine.


A variety of brands offer it for a variety of prices:

  • Gaggenau
  • Sub-Zero
  • Asko
  • Cove
  • Miele
  • Thermador
  • Dacor
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Jenn-Air
  • Bosch
  • KitchenAid


Bekins Grand Haven Showroom

Art TV – Frame It Perfectly For Your Home

ART TV at Bekins

Customers ask us, “How can I integrate a television into my home’s decor?” We provide many solutions, including a Samsung Art TV.

While many refer to it’s artistic feature, it’s technically called The Frame TV. The frame comes in four different colors:

  • white
  • black
  • beige
  • brown

Why Choose An Art TV?

Some homeowners do not like the look of a “black box” in their home when the TV is not in use. The frame lets you enjoy watching TV in your living room, bedroom or any other room of the house. Then, you can set it to display a beautiful piece of artwork when you are done watching TV.

No more “black box.”

You can choose to display a slideshow of various artistic images, leave it on a single piece of artwork, or even upload your own photos.

Samsung boasts its QLED technology provides 100 percent color. The TV is also smart. It works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple AirPlay 2.

Art TV by Samsung available at Bekins

Installation matters

The concept only works if it’s installed flush to the wall with no wires showing. However, you will likely want to connect other devices to the TV like cable, a blu-ray player, maybe even video games.

We recommend using our internationally-acclaimed electronics installers to make sure your Frame TV mounts flush to the wall, but still provides all of the functions you expect from your television.

Bekins is now HTA Certified "Estate"

Why I chose an induction range

My KitchenAid Induction Range at home

An entire suite of appliances usually starts with one choice. When my family decided to get a new suite of kitchen appliances, I knew I wanted an induction range.

Why? I was thinking about the safety of my toddler at home.


I chose a slide-in range with a convection oven and an induction cooktop. Induction uses electromagnetic energy to generate instant heat directly to your cookware without spreading the heat across the entire cooking surface.

If you have never experienced induction cooking, you can learn more about it by clicking here.

When I bought my home, it came with a gas range. My family had to hire an electrician to give us the correct electrical outlet in order to make the change to our new range.

Wolf induction cooking at Bekins


  • My son can’t turn on a gas burner anymore, reach over the top of the range and risk burning himself (believe me he tried once).
  • I can also control lock both the oven and cooktop elements on my slide-in range. So my toddler cannot easily turn them on.
  • Finally, the heating element on top doesn’t stay very hot for very long.

don’t get me wrong, it’s not fool proof

While I enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above, I still take precautions when cooking around my toddler at home.

  • I try to use the back heating elements on the cooktop because the pan I’m cooking can still get too hot to touch.
  • I can’t use the control lock when the cooktop or oven are cooking, so I still need to keep my son away from anything hot when it’s on.

test induction in our showroom

Pro Style Appliances Induction Showroom Test People's Choice

Integrate Your TV: Under Bed TV Lift With Swivel

Future Automation Under Bed TV Lift With Swivel

Customers ask about ways to hide a television in the home. Many people still want to enjoy their TV, but feel it does not fit with their home decor. Our internationally-acclaimed team of electronics integrators offer many solutions, including an under bed TV lift with a swivel.

Future Automation manufactures the lift to hide under your bed when it’s not needed. When you want to watch TV, a small flap opens under the bed to reveal your flat screen TV and a near silent motor lifts the TV to the perfect viewing position. When you finish, the TV goes back out of sight underneath your bed, with the flap closing to conceal the flat screen once again.


Even better, the swivel means you do not have to be on the bed to watch TV. You can turn the screen to other parts of the room where you may be sitting or standing.

If you want to improve the sound, our installers can often attach a soundbar to the TV and lift as well. They would certainly recommend a custom soundbar.

Have more questions about how it works? Click here to contact one of our certified experts.

under bed tv lift with swivel