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Convection Oven and Steam Cooking for the Holidays

Miele Convection Oven Feature Image

The holidays have a funny way of turning everyone into professional home chefs. With that in mind, a convection oven and steam oven from Bekins can really improve your hosting skills.

Holiday Cooking with Steam & Convection

convection oven

We use the Miele convection oven as a great example of how it works. Traditional oven baking has a heat source in the bottom. If you have a large pan, the heat will move around the pan so the center of your food will get cooked last. Simply put, a convection oven places the heating element in the back and uses a fan to spread the heat evenly. Convection also provides better results when you have food cooking on multiple shelves.

steam oven

A steam oven obviously uses steam to cook your food. Steam cooking keeps food moist and makes it very difficult to overcook your food. Vegetables and fish cook very well in a steam oven. However, you don’t always have to choose steam or convection. Miele offers a combination oven that lets you use either method, or both at the same time. The combination oven works well with beef tenderloins and artisan bread.


Finally, we recommend using a probe when cooking meat. Sometimes the cord can make people nervous, so Miele uses a wireless roast probe. Stick the probe into your food, then place your food into the oven. The wireless probe makes precision cooking both easy and safe.

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