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Thermador Pro Grand Steam Range was first choice for Spring Lake home

Thermador Pro Grand Steam Range

Troxel Custom Homes built a house in Spring Lake designed specifically for the needs of the family moving in. The spaces promote togetherness and keeps the children close. The family chose the appliances in their kitchen to fit their needs as well. They chose the Thermador Pro Grand Steam Range from Bekins, then chose the rest of their appliances around the range.

thermador pro grand steam range

They chose the Thermador Pro Grand Steam Range because one of the homeowners enjoys canning. which works best on a gas range top. You can do a simple internet search to see the horror stories about canning on an electric range top. Plus, Thermador’s patented star burners provide more ports and more flame distribution than your typical round burner.

The full-size convection oven works well for large family meals. However, Thermador offers a unique steam and convection oven in their range as well. The steam and convection oven gives homeowners three unique cooking variations:

  • steam only
  • convection only
  • or steam and convection
The Bekins Way

Our business model is simple. We want you to be so thrilled with your purchase and experience that you not only come back, but also recommend us to others. Makes sense doesn’t it?


Visit our state-of-the-art, interactive showrooms in Grand Rapids and Grand Haven. Test the Thermador Pro Grand Steam Range and other Thermador appliances in environments that mirror a real home experience. Our Appliance Professionals will be happy to help you find the right appliances for you.

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