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Stainless Steel Thermador appliances modernize Ada home

Stainless Steel Thermador Appliances in Ada

When homeowners in Ada commissioned Nugent Builders Inc  to remodel their home, they collaborated with interior designer Kaci Brander at Refined Design. Kaci described the kitchen as very “dark and heavy.” With the help of stainless steel Thermador appliances from Bekins, the homeowners were able to update the kitchen.

Adding glass and lighting under the off-white cabinets was the first step towards brightening the space, however, the homeowners still enjoy a rustic look with darker elements. To please the homeowners, they added texture on the floors along with barnwood beams and a fun backsplash.

Stainless Steel Thermador Appliances in Ada
Stainless Steel Thermador Appliances in Ada
The Bekins Way

Our business model is simple. We want you to be so thrilled with your purchase and experience that you not only come back, but also recommend us to others. It makes sense doesn’t it?


When we asked why she chose stainless steel appliances from Thermador, Kaci did not hold back.

“They are just the best,” she said. “They look the best. They are the sleekest. They had something that fit the overall design, all of the functions the homeowners really wanted and it just seemed to be the best fit for what we were looking for here.”

Kaci said it started with finding the right fit for their refrigerator space, then they designed the rest of the kitchen around it.

Bekins Appliance Professional Bill Schnug helped them choose column refrigeration from Thermador.

“The columns allowed the customer more flexibility,” Schnug said. “They could choose the incremental size to best meet their needs. Since the columns are designed to sit flush with the cabinetry, they also create a sleek, uniform appearance. In cases where space is limited, many customers are opting to maximize their fresh food storage by going as wide as they can with a refrigerator column then adding a freezer drawer under the counter, in an island or in the pantry area.

Schnug says Thermador’s ThermaFresh system helps preserve food through precise management of temperature and humidity.

Stainless Steel Thermador Appliances


The Thermador dishwasher comes with a custom-panel option, so the dishwasher actually blends in with the rest of kitchen cabinetry.

“It’s probably one of the biggest things that I look for actually,” Kaci said. “I feel like appliances can really mess up the overall feel and design of the kitchen. So when you find something that has the look that a person wants and the function, then it’s kind of the best of both worlds.”


“I like the customer service,” Brander said. “I like the quality of products. They are always super helpful when we have a question. They accommodate us when it comes to install and tweaking anything. It’s construction, so when something comes up and a fridge needs to be shimmed a little bit or leveled, then you guys are always on it.  My clients are really happy and that makes me happy.”


Stainless Steel thermador Appliances

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