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It can happen to anyone. You buy an induction cooktop from Bekins. Our Appliance Professional shows you that it only works with a certain type of cookware, and makes certain you leave with the right one. Later, our team does such a wonderful job installing the cooktop, that you tell your friend about it.

Your friend shows they were listening, because you get more cookware to go with your new purchase. How nice! The new set offers different sizes than what you bought at Bekins.

Dinnertime arrives and you decide to start off with something simple. You pull out a small pot and decide to cook soup. After pouring the soup into the pot, you patiently wait for it cook.


The soup has not warmed up.

The induction cooktop must be broken right?


The smallest details can make the biggest difference. You call the Bekins Service Team to inspect your new purchase and you will not believe what they tell you.

You remember the new pot your friend bought you? The pot does not completely cover the element. So the cooktop does not recognize the pot to start cooking.

Our service team has walked into calls where the cookware simply did not cover enough of the element.

It reminds you that reading your customer care guide can really clear up any issues. It also shows the importance of getting the right materials from trained professionals (like the helpful Bekins Appliance Professional who led you to the original cookware).

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For people who are not familiar with induction cooking, we present some benefits of choosing an induction cooktop:

  • The cooktop only heats when magnetized. So if you turn on the element, it will not start cooking until a magnetic pan rests on top of it.
  • It makes cleaning quicker and easier. Gas ranges might require lifting heavy grates and sneaking into little crevices. The induction top lets you clean spills while the pan still cooks. The pan heats up, the rest of the induction top stays room temperature. The element that cooks your food even cools down quickly, which means you can clean that too in a much shorter period of time.
  • It also heats food quickly. Expect induction to cook your food in almost half the time.
  • Temperatures change quickly too. Take your food from a boil to a simmer in seconds without even lifting the pan.
  • You waste less heat and energy. Think of all the heat and energy that flows around your pan on a gas range. The electric top might also heat areas that don’t need it.
Pro Style Appliances Induction Showroom Test People's Choice

test it in our showroom

Did you like the story at the beginning of this blog? We have a better story to end it.

It involves you driving into one of our Bekins showrooms, and seeing the benefits of induction cooking firsthand.

We have plenty of induction cooktops to test in both our Grand Haven and Grand Rapids showrooms. Our Appliance Professionals would love to give you a tour!

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