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DISH Network Repairs Washing Machines?

Samsung Washing Machine Problems

There are very few things you rely on in your home more than your appliances. They keep your food fresh, cook your meals, and wash your clothes; so it’s no surprise that when one of your appliances needs repaired, it becomes an inconvenience.

Repairs should be easy though right; you call the manufacturer or company that you bought it from, they schedule a service appointment, and your appliance is good as new. Well that’s not always the case when working with certain companies or manufacturers.

In November of last year, Samsung recalled about 2.8 million of their top-loading washing machines after receiving over 700 reports of excessive vibration or the top detaching from the washing machine chassis. Some of these reports even resulted in serious injuries to the homeowners and/or damage to their homes.


Samsung responded with a few remedy options for their customers:

-A free in-home repair plus a free one-year extension of the manufacturer’s warranty.
-A rebate to be applied towards the purchase of a new Samsung or other brand washing machine
-A full refund (if the washing machine was purchased within the past 30 days from the recall)


As you will see in the video below, many people chose the seemingly simple option; having the unit repaired for free. The problem is who Samsung sent for the repair…

A DISH Network repair technician without tools and with no hands-on training; how can this happen?

Did you know that Appliance Repair Technicians are not required to hold a license in the state of Michigan? This means that anyone (even your local DISH Network technician) can come in to your home and service your appliances; no experience needed.



When you are a Bekins customer, you will NEVER have the same experience as these customers. Below are a few ways that Bekins differs from other appliance retailers.

– Bekins has their own dedicated and knowledgeable crew for Appliance Delivery, Appliance Installation, & Appliance Service. We are truly here for you for the life of your appliance.
– Each of our employees is extensively trained. Our Appliance Service technicians spend an entire year training.
– Our team of Service Technicians perform approximately 10,000 service calls per year.
– We only carry the best brands. Bekins does not carry many brands because their products are poor quality and have a reputation for lack of parts & little or no service support.

When purchasing appliances, always remember to view it as an investment instead of a transaction. If you want your appliances to last, you should be thinking about who will install it properly, and who will service it.

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