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Now’s the Time to Self-Clean Your Oven

Self-Clean Your Oven - Bekins

While it’s not even Halloween yet, many of you may already be pre-planning your holiday to-do list. If your to-do list involves hosting a feast, do yourself a favor and self-clean your oven now – don’t wait until the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas.


Without fail, service departments like ours get frantic calls right before a holiday every year from customers whose oven isn’t working properly as a result of the self-clean feature. If you don’t self-clean regularly (about every 6 months or so), your oven may be susceptible to needing repairs once you finally activate the self-cleaning feature. If repairs are needed, they are much easier to correct or order parts for now, than the week of or day before the holiday.


When self-cleaning an oven, always read and follow the instructions in the Use & Care Guide. Even if you have a new oven or range, it is best to self-clean twice while in the warranty period. This conditions the appliance and if anything does happen, they still have warranty coverage.


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