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Smoked to Perfection!

BBQ Pork Butt

(Pork butt, or ‘Boston butt’, comes from the thicker section of the shoulder where the fat running through the meat is more intense.)

2Hosting a summer BBQ soon? Instead of the traditional burger or hot dog, why not impress your guests with something more!

While this recipe does take a good amount of time, we think you will agree that the taste is well worth the wait. The main factor behind the taste is the use of a smoker like Kamado Joe or Big Green Egg. Using a smoker allows the pork to become more tender and be infused with a unique flavor that even the most experienced grill master will enjoy.

If you do not have access to a smoker, you can still achieve great taste using a smoker box, like one from Broil King, on top of your traditional grill.  Broil King Smoker Box 2


  • Pork Butt / Shoulder   10 lbs.
  • Salt   .5 lbs.
  • Sugar   1 lb.
  • Water   2 gal.
  • Kamado Joe’s Peach Seasoning
  • Apple Woodchips


  • Gather all ingredients
  • 1 day before, brine* the pork in a salt and sugar water mixture. Allow the pork to brine overnight
  • The next day, pat down the pork and season liberally with Kamado Joe’s peach seasoning
  • Preheat smoker to 220 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Once smoker reaches desired temperature, place soaked** wood chips in the smoker (this technique will work for any smoker)
  • After the chips are placed in the smoker and the grill racks are brought up to temperature, place the pork inside the smoker and allow to cook for 7 hours at 220 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Once the pork is finished, wrap the pork in aluminum foil and allow it to rest for 15-20 minutes
  • Shred the pork and season with the BBQ sauce of your choice or enjoy the natural flavor that the meat developed over the 7 hour cooking period and try it without any sauce
  • ENJOY!


*Brine is to soak in or saturate with salty water. Start a brine by combining salt and sugar into a container and whisking the water into it. Then, place in the product you are going to brine and top it off with water until it is fully submerged. This will leave you with a wonderfully moist product in the end.

**Soaking your woodchips is important because if you don’t, the wood chips will go up in flames and burn quickly. Because you are smoking something, you want a nice slow burn for the chips so they last several hours. To soak the woodchips add them to water, leave for about 5 minutes, and then strain any additional water out of them. Once they are soaked you can add them to your smoker right away.

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