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Hybrid Super Grill Brings World Peace

Americans have been grilling over wood and charcoal since pre-colonial times. Then, in 1958, the modern gas grill was invented, sparking a veritable civil war between outdoor cooks.  Which is better – charcoal and wood or gas? Wood imparts flavor that gas on its own will not, and gas offers convenience that wood or charcoal cannot match.

Bekins is pleased to partner with Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, a local manufacturer that brings the best of both worlds to outdoor cooking.

The Kalamazoo Grill features an exclusive and revolutionary Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawer System. It is a gas grill — the best gas grill you’ll ever cook on, but it is also a charcoal grill and a wood grill. It is much more than the simple gas and charcoal combination grill that is becoming popular with its side-by-side design. The entire hybrid grill can be used for combination grilling. Simply leave the hybrid drawer empty and fire up the grill when you want to cook just with gas. Load the drawer with charcoal and/or wood and let the powerful cast brass burners get things started for live fire cooking. Either way, cleanup is a breeze with their deep-hopper clean out system that funnels down to a deep, stainless steel cleanout bin.

In addition to the hybrid grills, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet also manufactures a complete line of outdoor appliances including Outdoor Pizza Ovens, Refrigeration, Dishwashers, Cabinetry, Warming Drawers, Ventilation, Cooktops, Fireplaces, and all the accessories.

Take a look at their introductory video describing the quality and attention to detail that goes into every grill made right here in West Michigan. Better yet, see one for yourself. Bekins is the exclusive authorized West Michigan showroom for Kalamazoo Grill.

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