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4K UHD TV is Here!

Entertainment technology is always racing for the next big thing.

In spite of the massive, multi-year, push from Hollywood and the TV industry, 3D TV sales did not meet the expectations for the killer technology of entertainment electronics. However, 4K might be a different story.

Their is a mathematical inevitability to 4K or ultra-high-definition displays. Every year it gets cheaper to manufacture displays that are more pixel-dense than the year before. An example of this fact is that most new phones sold this year will mostly likely have 720p or 1080p video. It’s easy to see where TVs go next: more pixels.

4K TV’s strength is sharpness. There are four times as many pixels packed into the display as there are on a 1080p set. You can see more granular detail than you can on a 1080p HDTV. The results are stunning.

The leap to 4K won’t be quite as staggering as the one from standard definition to high definition, the case for it is much easier to make than 3-D, particularly once the prices of ultra HD displays fall to relatively affordable levels. Also, content has been in development for quite a while in anticipation of the new displays. Sony has announced that it will be launching the first 4K video distribution service for consumers, giving 4K TV buyers their first real source of content.

If you want to see one today, you need to visit our showroom. We are the only West Michigan dealer that has it.

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