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You may not think too hard about how you will clean your stainless steel appliance until after it’s installed. However, you obviously want to keep it clean and shiny. We recommend using a stainless steel cleaner that you can find in our showroom. If you use the wrong household cleaner, it can actually do more harm than good.


We have a handful of stainless steel cleaners that we use on the appliances in our store every day. You can find Classic, Affresh and Flitz stainless steel cleaner at any of our locations.

Using the wrong household cleaner can possibly harm your stainless steel finish, especially if you own a fingerprint resistant appliance. The wrong household cleaner could wipe off that resistant coating.

Stainless Steel Cleaner and other cleaners


An online search about “how to clean stainless steel appliances” pulls up articles that claim stainless steel cleaners do not work and make cleaning your appliances sound very complicated.

Our appliance professionals clean dozens of stainless steel appliances every day. They use a microfiber cloth and the stainless steel cleaner we provide for our customers. They apply the cleaner to the cloth, start wiping and the results look great.

If you don’t believe us, stop by one of our showrooms to see the clean.

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Bekins on eightWest March 1st

EightWest featured Bekins during its Ask The Expert segment today. Scott Bekins talked with Jordan Carson about the challenges with buying products online and how when it comes to appliances, consulting the experts at Bekins and testing products in our live showroom is always the better choice.

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