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The Big Screen To Get For The Big Game

Are you Super Bowl ready? Big Screen TV


The biggest viewing event of the year is about two weeks away. Thinking about getting a new big screen to host a viewing party for the big game?

What should you look for?

  • PROCESSING SPEED: The picture looks more clear when the TV can process all of its information quicker.
  • CONTRAST: The world is filled with shades of colors. The darker and brighter the TV, the more shades you will see. That makes the picture look more realistic.
  • SIZE: The more your eyes have to move, the more immersed you become in the viewing experience.

try a SONY X900F TV

Digital Trends says “nobody beats Sony at the processing game.”  Their X-1 Ultimate Processor and their X-Motion clarity make every moment beautifully clear.

The X900F also reveals details with 4K HDR contrast, Dolby Vision and their X-tended Dynamic Range Pro.

Finally, you can get a Sony X900F as big as 85 inches. That is likely bigger than what most people currently have in their home.


Big Screen For The Big Game - Bekins Blog

Think Beyond The Game With A Sony TV For Your Gamer

Sony TV for gaming

How many of us have a gamer on our Christmas list this year? You can buy them the latest game, or take their whole gaming experience to the next level with a new Sony TV.

Why a sony tv?

At Bekins and Classic Stereo, we strive to carry only the best quality products. Why do we choose Sony? The company works in every facet of the process.

Sony developed the PlayStation 4 and the PS4 Pro. The developers use a Sony television to perfect the images, so experiencing the game on a Sony 4K HDR TV means your gamer sees it the way the developer intended.

Their new X-1 Extreme processors means you will likely see a clearer, better and more responsive picture than your current television.

Not just for gaming

Sony also develops the cameras that shoot movies, shows and sports around the world. Sony Pictures Entertainment uses Sony’s best televisions to finely tune their movies and shows, so you will also see movies, shows and sporting events the way they were meant to be seen.

Sony TV for movies

added bonus

Some of the ones you can test in our showroom are a Smart TV, have an acoustic surface and work with Google Assistant or Alexa.

Sony TV Alexa

see your next sony tv in our showroom

Sony TV at Bekins

Minimalist Modern Kitchen Features Miele Appliances From Bekins

Mimimalist Modern Kitchen East Grand Rapids

We understand that appliances do more than perform. Your kitchen can also be a beautiful showcase in your home. With that in mind, we like to show how our appliances work in a variety designs; including a minimalist modern kitchen in East Grand Rapids.

J. Peterson Homes renovated the mid-century, modern home. It features many products from Bekins, including:

  • Miele Appliances (including a coffee system and combi-steam oven)
  • A Hestan grill and outdoor refrigerator
  • Sony televisions
  • Sonos soundbars and speakers
  • Lighting control by Lutron

Get Kitchen Design Inspiration In Our Showroom

At Bekins, we are happy to be your first stop in designing a home. Not only can you test appliances in our state-of-the-art, interactive showrooms; you can also see them in a variety of kitchen designs. Test Sony televisions, Sonos speakers and Lutron light control in our showrooms as well.

Miele Bekins Showroom Photo

Chief TV mounts provide clean look to West Olive home

Chief TV mounts in West Olive

Using Bekins and Classic Stereo for electronics from the very start of a home building process allows you the chance to show a clean and customized look. Thoughtfully designed and executed by the visionaries at Mike Schaap Builders and Benchmark Design Studio, a new home in West Olive uses Chief TV mounts and other features installed by Bekins to hide wires from view.


This home features both static TV mounts and mounts with swing arms.

The Chief swing arm mount keeps a low profile, collapsing to fewer than two inches out from the wall. However, it also offers homeowners flexible viewing. It can extend up to 25 inches and effortlessly tilt up to 15 degrees to achieve optimal viewing angles.

With planning from our team, the mount can help you hide wires and avoid using a TV stand. Yet, this home in West Olive at times still uses an entertainment center underneath the TV.

Chief TV mounts in West Olive
The Bekins Way

Our business model is simple. We want you to be so thrilled with your purchase and experience that you not only come back, but also recommend us to others. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Chief TV mounts in West Olive
Chief TV mounts in West Olive
Chief TV mounts in West Olive


Sony TV at Bekins


CE Pro Home Theater

As Home Theater technology improves, it is also becoming more affordable.

Jordan Carson and Scott Bekins discussed this as Classic Stereo made its Ask The Expert debut on WOOD TV 8 today.


This is a unique time for projection equipment. The technology has improved immensely, but the prices for quality equipment are lower than ever.

The Classic Stereo Reference Theater features our Sony 4K laser projector. Sony has really perfected 4K technology because they are involved in each step. They make the cameras, the studios, TVs and more. If you think you lose any video quality with a projector, we invite you to visit our showroom and experience a Sony 4K picture.

Projection screens have also made great strides over the years. Seymour Screen Excellence makes an acoustically transparent screen. It allowed us to put speakers behind the screen, so the audio comes right at you. Often times you lose either audio quality or picture quality with such technology. However, our Reference Theater proves Seymour’s screen delivers a quality picture and tremendous sound.


Nobody installs it better than Bekins. Our installation team has won national and international awards for Home Theaters, Media Rooms and more.

It is important to think about every aspect of the room. One weak link can lessen your entire experience. That is why we handle everything from the floors, to the walls, the furniture, the speakers, the screens, the projectors and more.

We want your to get fully immersed in your viewing experience.

Visit our showroom or give us a call and let us show you how to enjoy the best Home Theater experience.

Bekins Home Theater Installation - custom electronics - HTA Certified

If you missed our Bekins debut ON EIGHTWEST, watch Scott and Jordan in the video below