Bekins Breaks Ground On Coopersville Expansion

Growing Business: Breaking Ground on Warehouse Expansion


If you drive by Coopersville along the I-96 expressway, you will see construction vehicles at the Bekins Service Center and Warehouse on O’Malley Drive. Bekins has broken ground on a new addition which will nearly double the warehouse and office space, creating space for more jobs at our growing business.

Our locally-owned, internationally-acclaimed appliance and electronics company in West Michigan has already outgrown the three-year-old building in Coopersville.

Bekins President, Scott Bekins, opened the Coopersville Service Center and Warehouse in 2015 to accommodate the company’s growth at the time. With state-of-the-art, interactive showrooms in Grand Haven and Grand Rapids, he planned for the warehouse and office space in Coopersville to accommodate at least 10 more years of company growth. However, Bekins has grown faster than even he expected.

Bekins, which also owns Classic Stereo in Grand Rapids, has nearly tripled its staff since 2010. When the additional 30,000 square feet of warehouse and office space is complete, it will give us the space to double our staff.

Growing Business: Breaking Ground on Warehouse Expansion


The addition includes changes to make operation even more efficient, which enables us to deliver the best service while keeping costs competitive.

Added space will also help Bekins continue to be one of the greenest appliance dealers in the nation. We recycle more than 90 percent of all waste in their facility, which includes:

  • old appliances
  • cardboard
  • plastic
  • styrofoam
  • banding
  • and much more…

Our recycling efforts saved more than 1,286 trees, 7,567 gallons of oil and 280 cubic yards of landfill space in just the last three years.

Recycling at Bekins making a big impact
Bekins Coopersville Warehouse


The addition will help us serve more of the top-notch products and services that have earned us 20 national and international honors during our 43 years of serving West Michigan.

“We always have been and always will be a service company that happens to sell products,” Bekins said. “People can buy what we sell elsewhere, but you can’t get our service anywhere else. That’s why we continue to grow – better service, same price. We can only do that by being smarter and more efficient. The operations center in Coopersville and our amazing people allow us to do just that.”


The Forgotten Question: Who Will Repair Your Appliance?

Bekins Appliance Repair

Imagine having your refrigerator quit working during the hottest days of the year. With your food melting away, you make an appliance repair call to the company that sold it to you. Seven weeks later, they still give you the run around.

It happened to a local woman last summer. She ditched the other company, called Bekins and we resolved the issue for her quickly. She thanked us on Facebook and told us the whole story.

When you buy any products, we recommend you ask “Who is going to fix it when it needs repair?”

You might be surprised by the answer.



Many customers think that appliance repair works like the auto industry. They think the company who sold them the appliance has to fix it when it breaks and they will send a licensed professional to perform the repair. That is not always the case.

You do not need a license to install or repair appliances. Even worse, many brands do not hold the seller accountable for fixing appliances when they break.

Each company sets its own standards.

Some contract it out to a third-party company. Other companies give you a 1-800 number for the manufacturer in some other state. Neither option meets our standards at Bekins.


We want our customers to be thrilled with their purchase, so we provide a full-service experience. We staff fully-trained and experienced Appliance Repair Technicians who are supported by a wonderful team of customer service professionals.

When you call Bekins to repair your refrigerator, you talk to a caring and knowledgeable local service scheduler. We send a local technician to your home as soon as we can. That technician arrives in a Bekins vehicle, wears a Bekins uniform, treats you and your home with the utmost respect, plus he has been trained by many of the manufacturers in the market.

If you have a warranty, we have a local professional that works with the manufacturers on your behalf.

We set the highest standards for ourselves because we want our customers to be thrilled with their purchase.


Companies like Jenn-Air care about your customer experience as well. They train our staff how to properly install their appliances, how to repair them, plus they give us any parts and support we need. Often times, Jenn-Air will even give customers an extra year of limited warranty coverage on appliances installed by a Bekins certified professional.

Bekins Appliance Repair