Remembering The Drive-In Movie

It wasn’t that many years ago that families all across America would load up the kids on Saturday night and head out to catch a double-feature at the Drive-In theater. During intermission, Dad wove his way through the parked cars to the refreshment stand and brought back hot, buttered popcorn, Twizzlers, and sodas. During the 1970’s and 80’s this tradition slowly began dying out, and one-by-one, drive-in theaters closed their gates. Today, only a few remain in operation. It’s kind of sad to think there is now an entire generation that never experienced the simple pleasure of watching a movie under the stars from a convertible or a pick-up truck bed.

drive-in movie theater

As today is National Drive-In Movie Day, we wanted to remember some of the drive-in theaters that played movies under the stars right here in West Michigan. With the exception of the Getty located in Muskegon, all are now closed.

Cascade Twin Drive-In, 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids (1969-1987)
Woodland Drive-In, 28th St. SE, Kentwood (1969-1988)
Plainfield Drive-In, Plainfield Ave. NE, Grand Rapids (1957 – 1990?)
Division Drive-In, Division Ave., Grand Rapids (1948 – ?)
Beltline Drive-In, 28th St. SW, Wyoming (1948-1987)
Stadium Drive-In, Turner Ave. NW, Grand Rapids (1952-1960?)
Vista Drive-In, Lake Michigan Dr. NW, Grand Rapids (1955-1978?)
M-104 Drive-In, M-104, Spring Lake (1955-1982)
Muskegon Auto Theater, Grand Haven Road, Muskegon (1947-1980)
North Drive-In, Whitehall Road, Muskegon (1956-1980)
Getty Drive-In, Summit Ave. , Muskegon (1949 – open)

What’s that you say? The Getty is still showing Drive-In movies? You bet they are! The box office gates open nightly at 7:45, and the first features hit the screen around dusk or 9:00. You can tune in on your car radio to enjoy your movie in stereo sound, or use the nostalgic drive-in speakers. The drive-in has a large playground and arcade room for all the kids, and a self-serve concession that has all your movie favorites such as popcorn, pizza, nachos, candy, ice cream, hot dogs, pretzels, cotton candy, soda and much more! So load the kids up and treat them to a night of fun at the drive-in movie!

Not crazy about the idea of spending 4 hours in a parked car with your kids? You could create your own drive-in movie venue or backyard theater (go ahead, sit in the car if you want to)! With a little ingenuity you could install a beautiful home theater system in your home and make cardboard box cars for the kids! Or you could wait a couple of weeks and take the family out to Muskegon’s Pere Marquette Beach for free movies on the beach (June 27th, July 25th, August 22nd).

There are many online tutorials and guides to assist you with putting in your own home theater or outdoor movie projection system. But if it’s more than you want to tackle on your own and you’re looking for a professional installation, come see us here at Bekins… we do custom home theater installations, from the simple to the extravagant!

Show Us Your Fridgie!

First there was the #selfie… then there came the #fridgie! Yes, that’s right, it’s like a selfie, of your refrigerator; and yes, this is a real thing! Whirlpool recently ran a contest asking customers to share photos of their refrigerator — you can check it out on their Facebook page. Although we don’t have a shiny new French Door Refrigerator to give away, we still think it’s a fun idea.

Show Us Your #Fridgie

There are all kinds of theories about what your refrigerator says about you. Evaluate yourself here at “13 Things The Contents Of Your Fridge Say About You”. In their article, “What Does The Inside Of Your Fridge Say About You?” Slate magazine writes about this guy, Mark Menjivar, who spent 3 years traveling around the country exploring food issues and photographing the refrigerators of strangers. He now sells his portraits at his web site. There is even a blog where you can post photos of a prospective mates fridge and get advice as to their viability from a guy who’s made himself to be like the Dear Abbie of refrigerator relationships.

We can’t say one way or the other how accurate all that stuff really is, and we’re certainly not looking to analyze anyone by the contents or organizational scheme (or lack thereof) in their refrigerator, we just think it’s a cool interactive idea, if not a little voyeuristic. So open up your fridge, snap a photo, then share it! You can head over to our Facebook page and post it, or if Twitter is more your thing, tweet us @_Bekins, using hash tag #fridgie. If you’re interested in posting your #fridgie photo to our shared Pinterest board, send an email to and we’ll add you to the board contributors.

To get the ball rolling, there were a few brave members of our own staff here at Bekins who answered the call for #fridgies… remember, we’re not judging!

Show Us Your #Fridgie

Jenny’s #Fridgie

Show Us Your #Fridgie

Kendra’s #Fridgie

Show Us Your #Fridgie

Deb’s #Fridgie

Show Us Your #Fridgie

A Nameless #Fridgie

Show Us Your #Fridgie

Tracy’s #Fridgie

Show Us Your #Fridgie

Laura’s #Fridgie

Show Us Your #Fridgie

Another Nameless #Fridgie

Show Us Your #Fridgie

Yet Another Nameless #Fridgie

Check out the full collection of #Fridgies on our Pinterest board.