Bekins In The Community: Valuable Life Lessons

Teaching Valuable Life Lessons

Our employees like to help people. As a service company, we consider it a valuable trait to our team and our customers. We’re proud to say one of our employees uses his degree in Pastoral Ministry and Leadership to teach people valuable life lessons that address our deepest needs.

Jason Hunsicker assists customers as a Service Administrator for Bekins. Before he worked for us, Jason pastored a small church in the Upper Peninsula. Now that he lives in West Michigan, he continues to use his knowledge and experience as a volunteer teacher and Young Adults Ministry Leader at the Lakeshore Baptist church in Grand Haven.


The church offers a variety of classes after their service each Sunday. Jason has taught multiple age groups and is looking forward to teaching a class of 10-year-old children.

“There is the preaching time then there is the teaching time,” Jason says. “The classes are a little more focused, a little more intimate. There is that interaction where they can ask questions and we can discuss it together.”

Jason at times teaches students about the historical context of different biblical books. However, he most enjoys relating passages to our current lives.

“Every time I get to sit down and study a text I love it,” Jason says. “Just when I think about how lives can change through this, and just how we can live differently based on what we read and what we learn, I think that’s just awesome.”

More about Lakeshore Baptist Church

Lakeshore Baptist Church is located at 17306 Church Hill Street in Grand Haven.

Their morning worship starts Sundays at 9:30. The Adult Bible Fellowship and Sunday School typically begins at 11am.

Lakeshore Baptist Church Photo


Military Appreciation Month: Employees With Unique Perspectives

Military Appreciation Month - Bekins employees

We built our company with service to our customers. Obviously, that service pales in comparison to what members of our Armed Forces do for us every day. We appreciate everyone who has served our country and we hire veterans of our military. Three of those employees gave us their unique perspectives in honor of Military Appreciation Month this May.

Military Appreciation from those who have served

Military Appreciation Month - Bekins employees
Steven Bickford
Bekins Service Manager

Steven served almost five years in the Marine Corps. He attained the rank of Sergeant as a Ground Radio Repairman.

What I remember most is how much impact being a Marine has had on my life.  It has formed who I am through the discipline and dedication to duty I learned.  In my opinion we are not grown up at age 18, the Marine Corps is where I became a man.  It had far more impact than college or any other professional endeavor in my life.

What I appreciate about anyone who has served is simply their service, their dedication to do the job whatever that might be. One thing that even I didn’t fully understand or appreciate after serving was how important it was for all of us to do our job.  I befriended a man named Albert when I worked outside of Chicago after my enlistment was up.  Albert served in the Navy and he insisted that when he served on his ship if the call to General Quarters was issued he would do his duty and lock the hatch.  General Quarters is an order issued if the ship is in distress.  In Albert’s case, his duty would be to report to a radio room and basically lock himself in there with the hatch (door) closed.  The purpose for this is to protect against fire, but this puts a person in obvious harm.  I was surprised to hear Albert’s dedication to his shipmates, but I should not have been because that is the definition of service.

Military Appreciation Month - Bekins employees
Jason Hunsicker
Bekins Service Administrator

Jason served almost five years in the Navy as an Interior Communications Electrician.

Probably my favorite part about being in the Navy was all the places I got to see, and the things I got to experience. My boat made port visits as far north as Vladivostok, Russia and as far south as Sydney, Australia. We also visited pretty much every country in between those two ports. We mainly stayed in the far western portion of the Pacific. I also miss the camaraderie of the military, and still really enjoy talking with other Navy veterans and swapping old “sea stories.”

I feel like what I appreciate most about those who serve, is their service in much more dangerous places. I was on a boat that saw no combat. I never feared for my life. The most dangerous thing I encountered was the danger of electrocution while working on some electrical device. But those who served in more dangerous times and in more dangerous places, I greatly appreciate all they go through and went through to keep our nation and our world safe. They experienced terror in ways that I will probably never know. I so appreciate their dedication, and their willingness to sacrifice so much for the greater good.

Military Appreciation Month - Bekins employees
Jeff nelson
Bekins corporate trainer

Jeff served in the Navy for six years as an electrician, a nuclear power plant operator, and an electric control panel plant operator.

I remember being challenged in the Navy and pushed to do things that I did not think were possible. Going to nuclear power school, as someone who in high school did not really apply myself in math and physics, I was taught how to study and how to get the most out of myself. I was learning thermodynamics, heat transfer and nuclear physics.

It included equations that were 20 feet long to determine how thick a fuel rod should be. I never thought I could do that.

For those who serve and have served, I appreciate their willingness to sacrifice their time, energy, safety and freedom to defend our nation and all of the people here. Our service men and women give up a lot. It’s hard work. It’s dangerous. It’s a huge commitment of time and energy. They give up time with their friends, time with their family and other things they may want to do. They make sacrifices and they do it willingly on our behalf. I appreciate those out there serving right now.

Our Bekins team would like to thank all of those who have served our country, are currently serving, and those enlisting to serve. Thank you for your service!