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We often recycle material by shipping it to a recycling plant.  It is certainly a great way to help save the environment.  However, Bekins recently found a way to reuse some material and help local school children at the same time.


Brian, our Coopersville Warehouse Coordinator, recently delivered some big boxes to the Coopersville Area Public Schools.   The boxes once protected some of our biggest appliances, now they are nurturing the imagination of local preschool children.  Members of the school used their art skills to transform the boxes into large fire trucks that now reside in Alex Marin’s West Elementary Preschool classroom.

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“It is really cool, the kids love it,” Marin said.  “It gets used every single day and the children are thrilled about it.”

Marin also said that the Preschool staff is “extremely grateful” that Bekins not only donated the boxes, but also delivered them to the school.

We are happy to see a carboard box, that would have normally been crushed in a baler and sent off to a recycling plant, be reused in such a helpful way right here in our West Michigan community.

WE RecyclE each day as michigan’s greenest appliance dealer

We work hard every day to reduce our carbon footprint at Bekins. Our Coopersville Operations Center was built to house the storage space, cardboard balers and other machinery necessary for us to recycle over 90 percent of all waste that goes through our facility! That includes cardboard, cores, plastic ties, film, styrofoam and even old appliances.

It requires an extensive amount of space and money, but it is completely worth it when we are able to make such a large impact on the environment.  Our efforts have helped save 2,330 gallons of oil; 159,880 gallons of water; 162,185 Kilowatt Hours of energy; 1,370 pounds of air pollution effluents; 85 cubic yards of landfill space and 388 trees.

Look below to see a complete breakdown of how much our Coopersville Operations Center recycles in one year and how it helps our planet.

Bekins Recycling Report March – July 2015

By now, you may have heard that we opened a new Service & Distribution Center in Coopersville, Michigan. What you might not have heard, however, is that in addition to allowing us to service our customers more quickly and efficiently, our new Center has also given us the space to significantly expand our recycling program – something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

In other words: we now have the space and equipment to recycle just about everything – and we do. From plastic film to old appliances, we have streamlined sorting stations, a cardboard baler and regular pickups to help us keep up with the various materials we work with. When you tally up the volume of electronics and appliances that we move on a daily basis, that equates to a LOT of packing materials and old appliances saved from going into the landfill.

So, why is recycling so important to us here at Bekins? A few reasons:

  • We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best value – and that includes helping them achieve the lowest carbon footprint possible.
  • We aim for excellence in all our operations, and how we handle our waste is a key, if little thought-of, part of those operations.
  • Our reputation, and being part of something special, has always made us stand apart. We take pride in knowing that our operations as a company are environmentally responsible – and so do our customers.
  • As a family owned and operated company, based on strong values, it’s in our DNA to strive to be a good neighbor. That includes taking care of the natural resources around us for our neighbors and tomorrow’s generations.

Want to know more? Read our March – July report below to see exactly how much material we’ve recycled in our new Center. Keep in mind: this report doesn’t include old appliances our customers ask us to remove. We’ve recycled 100% of old appliances for many years, and because of the large volume we receive, we’re still working to collect the data on these.

We’ll post our recycling stats again each month – so be sure to check back in September to see how much we recycled this month!

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