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When buying products online, have you ever found yourself disappointed with what showed up at the door? Wasn’t what you expected? Didn’t fit your needs? We want our customers to love what they buy. The best way to find the right product for you is to discuss your needs with a Bekins professional. That is why we do not sell products online.


Our most satisfied customers understand one simple concept: major appliances and electronics are an investment, not a purchase.

The products in our showroom will serve your life for decades. Most people would not buy a house without visiting it. Who buys a car without test driving it? So why would you buy a major appliance or electronics product without:

  • seeing it
  • using it
  • making sure it is the perfect fit for you
  • consulting with a professional who asks you the right questions

We encourage customers to visit our state-of-the-art, interactive showrooms. See with your own eyes how OLED TV produces a different picture than a regular LED Television. Watch how a gas burner cooks food differently than an electric or an induction burner.

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Our experts will guide you every step of the way. They know which products are on sale and which give you the best warranty. We even think about how the flooring and size of your home can impact which dishwasher you would like. Our experts think of everything so that you can focus on enjoying your purchase.

We offer many of the same products as the big box stores for the same price. If there is anything you can’t find, there is a reason for that too. Our experts will gladly tell you why the products in our showroom produce a better value.


Our website contains great information about the services that we offer. So when you are ready to purchase, call or visit one of our showrooms so that we can help you feel completely confident with your investment.

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Refrigerator Style Guide

Bekins Refrigerator Style Guide

The refrigerator is arguably the most important appliance in any kitchen. If it’s been a while since you’ve purchased one, chances are there are many styles and features that you are unaware of in today’s market.

Below is a brief overview of each style of refrigerator and the pro’s and con’s associated with them.

Luckily, each of our showrooms provides a wide range of models in each style, and our Sales Professionals are happy to help you sort through them all. After all, it is a personal decision and what worked best for our last customer, is unlikely what is best for your space and family’s needs.

Be Prepared

Even more important than which style you like, is which style will work best for your space.

Before you head out shopping, gather the following…



Accurately measure the OPENING where your new refrigerator will go; as well as the current unit’s dimensions.


When provided pictures of your space, our Sales Professionals will look for issues or concerns that may affect which appliances you select.

Top Mount Refrigerator

Top Mount

A top mount refrigerator is a free-standing unit where the freezer is on top, and the refrigerator on bottom.

Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Bottom Mount

A bottom mount refrigerator is similar to a top mount, just reversed. The refrigerator is now on top and the freezer on the bottom.


• Typically the most cost effective style
• Good amount of wide storage


• Frequently used fresh items are now at eye level for easier access
• Good amount of wide storage


• Wide door swing
• May be crouching down to reach lower level drawers or to see into the refrigerator
• Built-in water & ice rare with this style


• Freezer goods are often stacked into a bottom drawer and may be difficult to access
• Fewer models offering built-in water and ice

Side by Side Refrigerator


A side-by-side model offers a full freezer on the left, and a full refrigerator on the right.

French Door Refrigerator

French Door

The french door style offers two narrow doors on top, and  a freezer drawer below. Some models even offer a few extra drawers in the middle.


• Water and ice dispensers typically an option with this style.
• Narrow door swings are better for tight spaces
• Both refrigerator and freezer have eye level storage for frequently used items.


• Offers a symmetrical look
• Narrow door swings are better for tight spaces
• Easier to store wide or large items with adjustable shelving
• Water and ice dispensers typically an option both internally and in the door.


• The narrow space doesn’t always allow for larger items to be stored (ex. Large pizza boxes)


• Unlike all other refrigerator models, you may find yourself needing both hands free to open the two refrigerator doors
• The doors must be closed a specific way to fully seal, and closing one may cause the other to pop open
• If the model has an ice maker located in the refrigerator, the ice has a tendency to clump more, and food near the ice maker could freeze. It also stores and produces less ice. The better option is to choose a model with an ice maker in the freezer drawer.

Built In Refrigerator


A built-in refrigerator is made to seamlessly build into your cabinets and offer a concealed or built-in look.

Column Refrigeration


A column refrigerator is a full size, single-purpose unit that is built into your cabinetry. You can then pair the refrigerator column with a freezer or wine column for a side-by-side look.


• Choose from bottom mount, side-by-side, and french door
• Optional panels to match your kitchen cabinetry for a hidden look
• Many models offer water & ice dispensers
• Long lasting
• Larger sizes available
• Quieter operation
• Longer warranty


• Customization – Easily pair any size refrigerator unit with any size freezer
• Flexibility to place a refrigerator and freezer in separate areas of the space
• Each unit is on its own cooling system, minimizing cross contamination of air and odors
• Optional panels to match your kitchen cabinetry for a hidden look
• Long lasting
• Quieter operation
• Longer warranty


• One of the most expensive refrigerator options
• Unit depth is typically smaller limiting storage space
• Requires custom cabinetry modification before and after installation and again down the line if the unit is ever replaced.


• One of the more expensive options
• Additional unit must be purchased if you need freezer space