Manager/Director Roles

This Job Requires:

PERSONALITY – To be friendly and positive with clients and co-workers.

ORGANIZATION – To keep track of the many details and timelines with large projects.

PLANNING – To facilitate the many steps required with large sales.

VERBAL & WRITTEN SKILLS – To communicate with sophisticated clients.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE – To stay on top of your game and get stuff done even when

things aren’t going right.

MOTIVATION – It’s like your own company. You get out of it what you put into it.

A SHARP MIND – To learn a lot of new things quickly.

MEMORY – To remember a great amount of information.

PROFESSIONALISM – To represent our company well.

MANAGEMENT – To motivate and help others achieve their full potential.

This Job Is Cool Because:

You get to meet a lot of great people.

You stay very busy and the day goes fast.

You learn a lot of new things.

You get to work for a really cool company.

You get great benefits.

You get a regular work schedule with no evenings, Sundays, or holidays.

If you enjoy quality and servicing the internal and external customer, please apply with us.

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