Bekins Recycling Report – First Half of 2017

Bekins Recycling

You may have heard us refer to ourselves as one of, if not the, greenest appliance dealer in the country; but what does that mean?

Bekins understands that a company our size has the potential to make a negative impact on our environment. That is why we have made it such a priority to reuse or recycle over 90% of all waste that go through our facility.


One of our favorite ways to help the environment and our community is to donate our items for new and creative uses. Here are a few recent recreations.

Cardboard Box Firetruck

Bekins recently donated large appliance boxes to Coopersville Public Schools. These boxes nurtured the imagination of local preschool children as they turned them into a firetruck!

Cardboard Box Robot

Coopersville Reformed Church was happy to have some of our cardboard boxes for their Vacation Bible School. The 5th graders turned them into fun structures that lined the hallways of the church.

Cardboard Chariot Races

UpStreet Children’s Ministries in Grand Haven took their Roman theme to new levels with the use of our cardboard boxes for chariot races!


For all items we are unable to reuse, we recycle! Our Coopersville Service and Distribution Center was specifically designed to be able to house the storage space, cardboard balers and other machinery necessary to recycle cardboard, cores, plastic ties and film, styrofoam and old appliances.

This is not a money making effort for us but we truly believe in the cause and enjoy seeing how large of an impact our recyclables are making.

Our recycling efforts from January through June of 2017 have helped save:

  • 107,170 gallons of water
  • 94,218 KWH of energy
  • 1,209 gallons of oil
  • 919 pounds of air pollution effluents
  • 260 trees
  • 51 cubic yards of landfill space

Below is a full report of what we have recycled and the resources saved for the first half of 2017.

2017 Recycling Report - January through June

A NEW ONLINE SCAM: COUNTERFEIT REFRIGERATOR FILTERS counterfeit refrigerator filters photo

A new online scam could harm your health. People looking to make a quick buck now sell counterfeit refrigerator filters.

These filters look the same and even say they come from your refrigerator’s brand. Yet, these illegal items can harm more than your health. They can also damage your refrigerator and your kitchen.


  • Counterfeit filters may not get rid of impurities that can reside in your water, such as:
  • lead
  • asbestos
  • pesticides
  • and more
  • insecticides
  • The water will likely look the same, so you may not know that your water still contains impurities.
  • Filters may not fit right, which can cause cracks and leaks. The excess water will damage your refrigerator and maybe other parts of your kitchen.
  • Using the wrong parts will void your warranty. Any repairs will cost you money.


Many of the brands we carry at Bekins joined forces through the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) to stop the illegal sales. Their “Filter It Out” program encourages customers to only buy filters from the manufacturer or Factory Certified Parts Distrbutor. The program produced the video below to teach people about the need to buy only genuine filters.

trust bekins

If you ever need to replace a part, call or visit our Bekins Service Center on 590 O’Malley Drive in Coopersville. We carry and order parts directly from the manufacturer. You can rest assured our water filters will fit your refrigerator correctly and have passed tests by the manufacturer.

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