This Job Requires:

STRENGTH – To lift equipment and heavy wire spools, to drill holes and pull bundles of wire.

AGILITY – To crawl through attics, and fit in tight spaces, and climb ladders.

MEMORY – To learn an immense amount of information and skills.

MECHANICAL SKILLS – To use many different tools and solve problems.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE – To stay on top of your game and get stuff done even when things aren’t going right.

PERSONALITY – To be friendly and positive with clients and co-workers.

RESPECT – To be welcomed into our customers homes.

CLEANLINESS – To do a job without anyone knowing you were there!


This Job Is Cool Because:

You get to see a lot of really nice homes.

You get to meet a lot of really neat people.

You get to learn a specialized skill that is in high demand.

You get to work for a really cool company.

You get the weekends off.

You get great benefits.

You get professional training and certifications.

You get to install cool new electronics.



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