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This Job Requires:

COORDINATION – To handle many tasks at once when things are busy.

AWARENESS – To see what needs to be done when time allows.

A SHARP MIND – To learn a lot of new things quickly.

COMPUTER SKILLS – To handle the many software systems we use.

PLANNING – To facilitate the many steps required with large sales.

VERBAL & WRITTEN SKILLS – To communicate with sophisticated clients.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL – To make sure things get taken care of promptly and efficiently.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE – To stay on top of your game and get stuff done even when things aren’t going right.

MOTIVATION– It’s like your own company. You get out of it what you put into it.

MEMORY – To remember a great amount of information.

WILLINGNESS – To roll up your sleeves and help where needed.

PROFESSIONALISM – To represent our company well.

ORGANIZATION – To keep track of your projects and tasks.

FOCUS – To stay on task.

This Job Is Cool Because:

You get to meet a lot of great people.

You stay very busy and the day goes fast.

You learn a lot of new things.

You get to work for a really cool company.

You get great benefits.

You get a regular work schedule with no evenings, Sundays, or holidays.

If you  enjoy quality and servicing the customer, please contact us.

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