About Sub-Zero

The Sub-Zero brand was established in the mid 1930s by Westye Bakke. An early innovator, Bakke built the first freestanding freezer in his basement in 1943. Soon afterwards, Bakke led Sub-Zero to develop the first built-in refrigerator, which could be customized to match its surrounding environment, an invention which changed the future of kitchen design. Today, Sub-Zero remains a leader in refrigeration technology and is often – rightfully – the brand people associate with built-in and custom refrigeration.

Since then, Sub-Zero has led the refrigeration industry in technology, function and design, and is known for its kitchen refrigeration integration using out-of-the-box solutions such as under counter refrigerator drawers and built-in refrigerators.

A leader in refrigeration technology, Sub-Zero’s side-by-side refrigerator and freezer units feature dual refrigeration systems which rely on separate cooling systems to keep fresh food fresher and to preserve frozen food longer.

Sub-Zero appliances

  • built-in refrigerators and freezers
  • side-by-side refrigerator/freezers
  • under counter/drawer refrigeration
  • wine chillers and storage


Built-in and integrated refrigeration; precision freshness and industry-leading refrigeration technology.

Sub-Zero Refrigeration & Bekins

At Bekins, we pride ourselves on offering the most innovative, enduring home technology, and Sub-Zero offers just that. Sub-Zero’s build-in and under counter/drawer refrigeration solutions offer maximum flexibility and freshness, an ideal solution for customers who are building or remodeling kitchens according to their own unique tastes.

When you invest in a “best in class” product like Sub-Zero’s refrigerators and freezers, expert installation and lifetime maintenance are extremely important. Our Bekins technicians are held to high standards of service, and are prepared to provide knowledgeable support throughout the lifetime of any Sub-Zero appliances purchased from our showroom.

Bekins has a reputation of being expensive…The price we paid was the cheapest around!! And excellent customer service! Thanks!

Darcie Jerovsek, Grand Haven, MI