About Miele

This high end German appliance brand has a sterling reputation almost as old as the company itself. Founded in 1899 by Car Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, Miele is known globally for its excellence in domestic appliances and products, which range from washing machines and cooktops to coffee makers and vacuums. The company has remained family owned and operated since its founding.

A prestigious name in home appliances and the winner of multiple international awards for Good Housekeeping, Miele is recognized around the globe for the longevity, quality and performance of its products. Just 10 states in the US house Miele showrooms.

Notable brand experts, including Steve Jobs, have praised Miele’s design philosophy.

Miele appliances & products we carry

  • washing machines
  • dryers
  • dishwashers
  • ovens
  • cooktops & hoods
  • refrigeration & wine storage
  • vacuum cleaners
  • coffee makers
  • custom paneled appliances

Miele’s attention to detail has led exceptional customer praise for all its appliances, in particular its vacuums and dishwashers, which are a favorite premium brand in higher end kitchens across the US and Europe.

Miele and Bekins

Bekins is proud to be West Michigan’s exclusive sales, service and installation Miele dealer. Miele, like many of its German counterparts, earns its prestigious reputation because of its commitment to excellence in both products and operations; the company is known to choose only the best dealers to represent its exclusive line of luxury appliances.

I have been a customer of Bekins since 1991 and have purchased appliances, audio and video equipment, as well as theatre equipment. I have always been very impressed with their service and selection. I would highly recommend Bekins to anyone looking to make similar purchases.

Scott & Gina Prince, Holland, MI