About Best Hoods

BEST Hoods are where great kitchen ventilation meets artistic inspiration. An Italian company, BEST Hood engineers are passionate about their art, finding product influence in every aspect of Italian culture. The results are ventilation hoods steeped in striking, yet simple Italian design. Inspire your home with beautiful design you can see – and engineering detail you can’t.

That’s the mark of a BEST Hood craftsman. Every use is considered, and every step ensures optimal performance. Their obsession is simple perfection.

BEST Hood ventilation products we carry

  • kitchen ventilation
  • vent hoods

BEST Hoods & Bekins

When you buy a quality car, the dealer you bought it from agrees to service it with expert care for its lifetime. At Bekins, we believe in the same principle: you should service what you sell.

More than that, we believe it’s our job to be top to bottom experts on every brand, appliance and electronic component we sell. That means providing the best ventilation installation and repair service available, for the lifetime of the product.

At Bekins, we choose only the most reliable, durable ventilation brands to be in our showrooms, which includes BEST Hoods. We offer customers “best in class” products which are an investment for their home, then we work to make sure it’s expertly maintained so it can perform as efficiently and for as many years as its owners expect it to – and sometimes even longer.

Ready to see what BEST Hoods can do for your home? Test drive BEST’s hoods, and experience their superior design in our Grand Haven or Grand Rapids showrooms today.

During the construction of our fourth house, one vendor stood head and shoulders above the rest: Bekins! It was clear from the start that they had a thorough knowledge of all the appliances we required as well as all of the technology features we wanted in our new home. They were professional, friendly, courteous and very responsive during all stages of the project. What I loved, was that everyone on the team was a perfectionist, and when the project was complete, everything was perfect! Thank you for all your hard work!

Mike & Karen McCullough, Gun Lake, MI