We’ve learned a lot about home appliance brands over the past four decades. We’ve not only serviced these appliances every day in homes just like yours; we’ve studied exhaustive consumer reports and testing data, researched appliance brands’ part origins and manufacturing methods, and kept abreast of changes in regulations and technologies. To us, all of this is just part of the job.

As West Michigan’s most trusted appliance and electronics retailer, it’s our responsibility to know which brands excel and which tend to fail; which are US made and which are mostly manufactured overseas, and – most important of all – which appliances will genuinely add value to your home.

The brands we carry at Bekins represent the best the industry has to offer, in quality and longevity as well as price. These brands have been painstakingly selected based on nearly four decades of experience working with home appliances and electronic integration.

Want to know why we’ve included – or excluded – a certain brand? Just ask us. We’d be happy to explain.

Are the brands Bekins carries more expensive?

You will find many of the same brands and models in our showroom as you might find in a “big box” store – at the same price – as well as many models you can’t find elsewhere. The difference is that our home appliance selection is focused on value (longevity, function, reliability), and that’s reflected in the brands we carry.

Price isn’t the only factor in how much value a product offers. How long will that product last, and how much will it cost to replace it? How much use and enjoyment (or frustration) will it give you? A dishwasher manufactured with high quality parts which is designed to last 10–15 years, for example, will provide a much higher value than a dishwasher which is prone to break and is only expected to last 5 years.

So, rather than asking “which is the best brand?”, a better question would be: “which appliance brand is best for my life?”

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We rely on Bekins to keep our households running efficiently! Everyone at Bekins is very knowledgeable and friendly. We know that whatever they are working on, it will be done right the first time!

Dan and Sherry Bowen, Grand Rapids, MI


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