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Yes, we can install it!

If you can purchase it from us, we can install it. We specialize in working on complex new construction and remodeling projects, so there’s no installation job too daunting – nor too small.

Here are a few things you can expect from our installation team:

  • Installation service for all appliance and electronics product sold at Bekins.
  • Flexible, precise appointment scheduling.
  • Removal of old appliances (for recycling).
  • Uniformed professionals complete with liability insurance, factory training, certification and official Bekins vehicles.
  • Absolute courtesy.
  • Thorough, informative hands-on training for your new appliance or device.
  • Exceptional installation service.

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Bekins Appliance Installation

Meet INSTALLATION Professionals who care about your home.

Meet Bekins.

Being an appliance and electronics technician at Bekins isn’t like having the same job anywhere else. Our team represents some of the most highly qualified and certified home appliance and electronics professionals in the business. In addition to undergoing intense customer service training, new technicians undergo an extensive Bekins training program, during which they learn each and every appliance model and electronic device in our catalog. All this takes place before our technicians can even set foot in a customer’s home.

Most importantly, we as a team pride ourselves on offering the best service money can buy. Politeness, courtesy and helpfulness are hallmarks of our customer service, to the extent that Bekins’ customer service has been used as a benchmark in marketing publications. In his 2004 book I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me, customer service guru John Bolger writes about his and his wife’s experience purchasing a dishwasher from Bekins. Not only did the Bekins representative in the story take off his shoes at the door; he provided such excellent service that two years later the author and his wife came back for a full set of kitchen appliances.

Experience service the Bekins way.

Click on the photo to read our cameo in John's Bolger's book.

We appreciate the time each salesperson took to explain the features of our dishwasher.

Walbridge, Lowell, MI


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