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In October 1975, Harvey Bekins used his 27 years of appliance repair experience to found his own repair business: Bekins Appliance Repair. He operated it from his home and around a few simple principles: family, excellent service and integrity. In a few short years, the repair business flourished enough for Harvey to expand Bekins Appliance Repair into a full appliance retail store. Through unparalleled customer service and continued investment in the local community, Bekins Appliance continued to grow and expand, and under the ownership of Harvey Bekins’ son, Scott Bekins, Bekins Appliance today has become the #1 electronics integrator in the state of Michigan.


October 9th, 1975 – With his wife Barbara, Harvey Bekins opens Bekins Appliance Repair at his home address, 1726 Woodlawn, in Grand Haven, Michigan. Repair service includes all major appliances; Harvey brings 27 years doing appliance repair for Cook’s Appliance. Harvey’s son, Scott, shares the spotlight by celebrating his 8th birthday.

February 8th, 1983 – Bekins Appliance Repair is established as a full appliance retail and repair store at 735 Washington Avenue downtown Grand Haven. Bekins also acquires its first company van. Scott is 15.

1984-85 – Bekins continues to expand its selection of appliances and adds several new staff members.

March 1986 – First store expansion adds 1,000 square feet of display space to the Bekins showroom floor. Bekins Appliance celebrates 30 years of appliance service and continues to add staff members.

April 19th, 1986 – Grand Reopening welcomes the community to experience Bekins new expansion; the shop closes for an entire hour for a group photo of Bekins employees and supporters. Whirlpool and Kitchen Aid appliances are proudly added to Bekins’ showroom.

July 1988 – Scott Bekins assumes ownership of Bekins Appliance.

March 1989 – Barb, Harvey and the rest of the Bekins family celebrate Bekins Appliance’s 7th anniversary. Scott Bekins gets local publicity for attending a week-long management seminar by Whirlpool.

September 1989 – Electronics hit the consumer market, and Bekins is quick to become the state’s first authorized Hitachi dealer, expanding its product line to include VHS players, camcorders, stereos and TVs. Bekins sells the area’s first large bar TV.

February 1990 – Bekins becomes an authorized dealer for Sharp electronics.

September 1990 – Zenith’s line of televisions, camcorders and VCRs are added to Bekins’ showroom.

October 1990 – Kenwood home electronics join the showroom.

March 1991 – Bekins installs its first “TV wall” in the showroom.

April 1991 – In response to popular demand for car stereo installation, Bekins Appliance converts a portion of its space into a car stereo installation garage, offering a wide range of car stereo electronics and installation services.

1993 – Bekins Appliances becomes a member of the Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association (CEDIA).

1996 – Barb and Harvey Bekins and their 13 grandchildren celebrate Bekins 21st anniversary with a community celebration.

March 1997 – Bekins receives a visit from Mitsuru Umemura, president of Yamaha.

May 1999 – Bekins receives local publicity for its expertise in state-of-the-art high definition television technology.

October 2000 – Bekins Appliance is featured in the nationally published magazine Audio Video Interiors; the article highlights Bekins work with custom hidden media room design in a lakeshore home.

September 2003 – Audio Video Interiors features Bekins again, this time highlighting custom electronics integration work in a family’s basement home theater system.

2004 – Customer service guru John Bolger cites an encounter with Bekins Appliance in his nationally published book, “I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me”, as an example of great service.

2007 – Bekins receives its first CEDIA award: SILVER Best Technical Design for Hidden Installation.

2008 – Bekins receives CEDIA’s GOLD Best Technical Design for Large Home Theater.

August 2011 – Bekins submits application for state grant matching funds to remodel its storefront and foster economic growth in downtown Grand Haven.

October 2011 – Bekins Appliance dominate’s CEDIA’s annual awards by winning:
SILVER Best Technical Design for Integrated Home
SILVER Best Technical Design for Media Room
GOLD Best Technical Design for Hidden Installation
Best Overall Design for Media Room, and
Best Overall Design for Hidden Installation.

April 2012 – Along with other downtown vendors, Bekins’ state grant application for storefront rehabilitation is approved, and construction begins to improve Bekins Appliance’s exterior facade with new brick, awning and light fixtures. The project is part of a larger celebrated effort to invigorate Grand Haven’s economic growth.

October 2012 – Recipient of CEDIA’s SILVER Best Technical Design for Integrated Home. Additionally, leading electronics association CEPro ranks Bekins the #58 integrator in the US and #1 in Michigan.

December 2012 – Bekins expands its retail presence with the opening of the Grand Rapids Showroom.

2013 – Recipient of CEDIA’s GOLD Best Technical Design for Integrated Home and CEDIA SILVER Technical Design for Media Room.

March 2015 – Bekins expands its warehouse and operations facility to a new location in Coopersville.

July 2015 – Founder Harvey Bekins retires after 40 years.

October 2015 – Scott Bekins revives West Michigan’s much-loved Classic Stereo brand, which joins the Bekins family. The new Classic Stereo showroom is located next to Bekins’ Grand Rapids showroom on 28th Street, features extensive acoustic engineering and electronic integration, includes two Dolby Atmos capable surround sound rooms, one of which is a 7.4.4 JBL Synthesis Certified theater, complete with automated lighting, universal remotes, and leather and wood furnishings.

2015 – Bekins wins ProSource Innovator of the Year honors.

2016 – Bekins is a CEDIA Finalist for Best Media Room and Best Showroom.


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