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As companies that give back to our community, we jumped at a recent chance to help a local Vacation Bible School.

Our Warehouse Manager donated items to the Coopersville Reformed Church. We would merely recycle these items. Instead, staff at their Vacation Bible School turned cardboard boxes into structures for play.


The Vacation Bible School at Coopersville Reformed Church offers a week of fun for children as young as four years old. The oldest students in the program, the fifth graders, co-lead the group in learning to follow Jesus and shine HIS light through the community.

More than 130 students showed up for the first day today, and the school runs through Friday morning. Items donated by Bekins and Classic Stereo line many of the hallways and rooms at the school.

“It’s amazing to be able to have (Bekins and Classic Stereo’s) help,” Bible Adventure Leader Samantha Krepel said. “We are so excited to have the recyclables.”

The church recently remodeled a portion of the school, so the cardboard structures allow the children to play games along the wall without touching the the renovations.

continuing to be companies that give back

This isn’t the first time we have donated boxes for a local school and we hope people continue to contact us. We take pride in our efforts to recycle, but re-use works even better.

Our employees work hard every day to reduce our carbon footprint. We even built our Coopersville Service Center with recycling in mind. It includes enough storage space, cardboard balers and other machinery for us to recycle over 90 percent of our waste including:

  • cardboard
  • cores
  • plastic ties
  • film
  • styrofoam
  • old appliances
  • and more

It requires extra space and money, but we believe in the cause. Our efforts in 2016 helped save:

  • 2,330 gallons of oil
  • 159,880 gallons of water
  • 162,185 Kilowatt Hours of energy
  • 1,370 pounds of air pollution effluents
  • 85 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 388 trees.
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If you know someone who can re-use any of the items we recycle, then give us a call. Contact our Coopersville Service Center directly at 616-288-1020.

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Companies that give back recycle photo

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