Affresh Customer Testimonial

One customer recently emailed us pictures that show the power of Affresh.

We always love hearing from our customers after installing new products.  However, we were disappointed to see her dishwasher’s interior door was discolored after fewer than three months of use.

She told us that she was using the recommended detergent and rinse aid.  She also tried several household cleaners to get rid of the discoloration.  None of her ideas worked.



One of our employees asked her to try using Affresh and the results were astounding.  As you can see in the before and after photo above, Affresh made the interior door look brand new.  It is a cleaner made by Whirlpool, so not only is it an American-made product but it also comes from a company with headquarters in our great state of Michigan.  Affresh has earned recognition as a Safer Choice product through the Environmental Protection Agency.  So the cleaner is designed to be safer for both you and the environment.


how it works

Affresh aims to help reduce mineral buildup in your dishwasher.  One tablet each month should be all you need.  The best part about it?  It takes almost no effort to make your dishwasher look brand new again.  Just read the directions:

  1. Place tablet in your detergent tray and run your dishwasher through a normal wash cycle.
  2. Go relax.
  3. When the cycle is finished, marvel at the freshness.

Whirlpool recommends cleaning your appliances once each month for a pair of reasons.  Not only does cleaning make the appliance look good, it also helps to ensure optimal performance.


how to get it

Stop in to any of our Bekins locations during our normal business hours to get your Affresh cleaner.  We want your dishwasher to not only look good, but be performing at it’s very best.

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